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Labs Bid Goodbye To Paper Lab Notebooks and Welcome ELNs – Digitization of labs



Labs Bid Goodbye To Paper Lab Notebooks and Welcome ELNs – Digitization of labs

It goes without mentioning that we reside in a digital era where the entire society is slowly bidding goodbye to all old-school practices and techniques and giving way to digital gadgets in every sphere of life.

Thanks to the advancements in the field of technology that laboratories are also becoming increasingly dependent on digitization. They are going digital to make sure their researchers and scientists can focus on the key tasks instead of dealing with administrative deadlines.

If you delve deeper inside a smart lab, you’ll find them welcoming the ELN software and ditching the paper lab notebooks. An electronic lab notebook is the digital version that comes with several useful features. Digital lab notebooks have been designed to integrate and gather information and notes.

ELN Software

Choosing an ELN software for your smart lab – Factors to consider

When scientists are given the option of choosing a digital lab notebook, they often face difficulties in selecting the best one among the multitude of options in the market. Below mentioned are a few factors to keep in mind while selecting an electronic lab notebook for your smart lab.

  1. User-friendly: Does the ELN software have a user-friendly interface? Will the users find it easy to navigate?
  2. Feature-rich: You should watch out for ELNs that provides you with all the vital highlights and other instruments like stock administration or interactive login.
  3. Connectivity: While selecting an ELN for your lab, you should choose one that connects with different other hardware and software.
  4. Cost: Make sure the ELN is cost-effective and affordable as per the features offered.

Choosing the cream of the crop – Selecting an ELN amidst the options


Benchling is a research platform that links the Research and Development lifecycle – from sample management to acquisition of data to project documentation and reporting.

This ELN software centralizes and standardizes R&D workflows through a solitary platform and helps progressive lab companies promote their digital transformation to allow rapid decision-making. This app offers a single platform and smooth user experience that permits API usage, lab automation, and much more.


Labguru is a cloud-based, secure, and informative platform that provides an overall solution for the research industry based on life science.

This ELN software keeps a record of lab inventory and data, and includes chemistry and biology tools. This digital device promotes lab automation and offers an insight into lab details thereby making labs run perfectly.

ELN software


ELabNext is a powerful and user-friendly ELN software that can help researchers and laboratory managers to streamline their workflow, enhance efficiency, and maintain high data integrity. Whether you’re a biologist, chemist, or engineer, ELabNext provides a versatile solution for your laboratory management needs


FindMolecule is an innovative digital inventory and ELN software that is ideal for biologists and chemists. This software is used everywhere in labs all over the globe.

This digital took is ideal for barcode scanning, structure searches, order management, and health management. Initially you get a free version of this tool but for details on its prices, you have to check their website.

ELN software


Labware is a global leader in LIMS with more than 3000 customers that include GSK, USDA, NIH, Hershey, Pfizer, Chevron, Caterpillar, and many more. Labware boasts of 98% customer satisfaction and this proves the efficiency of this tool. Labware has been in the industry since the last 30 years and they have been guaranteeing accurate results of tests and data integrity.


StarLIMS has been in the business for delivering the highest quality services. They support the ever-evolving data management requirements across the smart lab industry. Their stellar LIMS along with other informatics software solutions are capable of gathering, handling, and defining the information that you need to send your products faster to the market.

So, are you ready to go digital? If you have been in the laboratory business for a long time now, it’s time to digitize and maximize efficiency. Welcome ELNs and bid goodbye to paper lab notebooks to get best results. Cater to the needs of your technicians, researchers, and scientists and choose the electronic lab notebook that is the best fit for your smart lab.

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