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Spain’s Anti-Vaccine Nurse Accused Of Faking Children’s Vaccines



Spain's Anti-Vaccine Nurse Accused Of Faking Children's Vaccines

(CTN News) – It didn’t feel right when Laura Alonso saw the clear liquid anti-vaccine on her daughter’s arm.

He had just received a chickenpox vaccination in Santurtzi, a municipality in Spain’s Basque Country.

Last October, the nurse administered the jabs quickly.

Alonso, who coincidentally is also a nurse, said it was impossible to administer Anti-vaccine at that speed.

Osakidetza, the Basque health service, called a few months later. In response to complaints from parents, they decided to test children’s immunity after vaccinations at the clinic.

Tests were conducted on about 50 children who had appointments at the center, divided into two groups by nurse.

One particular nurse, who is not named, vaccinated most of the ones not properly immunized.

Including Alonso’s daughter, who had chickenpox without being protected.

Local authorities have filed a group lawsuit against the nurse, who will testify in court that she was faking vaccinations for children.

Additionally, 42 families have sued for alleged misappropriation of public funds. In their lawsuit, the families may add crimes against public health.

As a result of the nurse’s absence, 400 children were investigated.

Get all children vaccinated

Lawyers representing 42 families tell Euronews the nurse acted oddly.

“Parents felt the nurse acted strangely. She threw away the syringe after administering the Anti-vaccine,” says Aitzol Asla.

The nurse made anti-vaccine comments to Laura Comonte when she took her 18-month-old for a routine six-in-one hexavalent vaccination.

Immunisation against maleingitis, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B and other potentially serious diseases is provided in this jab.

Comonte even told me barefoot walking is the best anti-vaccine against tetanus.

As well, her son was not affected by an outbreak of meningitis at the kindergarten where he attends.

A second hexavalent dose will be given to 400 children supposedly vaccinated by the nurse.

“This woman gave my daughter seven vaccinations, all of which were repeated,” Alonso says.

It has been suggested that the children may now be over-vaccinated, although the mother says it is not harmful.

Calls for debarment

A nurse is accused of misusing materials purchased with public funds by the Basque Health Service.

More families may join the lawsuit in the next week, says the families’ lawyer.

The case will take longer to resolve, however. Initially scheduled for 4 May, the nurse has requested to be present during all 42 of the affected individuals’ testimonies, causing the whole process to be delayed.

Regional health authorities acknowledge that the children did not have antibodies from the anti-vaccine the nurse had allegedly administered, the families’ lawyer says.

Adding a crime against public health complaint to the lawsuit is under consideration, but first the exact number of children affected by this woman’s non-vaccination needs to be determined.

Nurses should be struck off so they can no longer administer vaccines and work in healthcare.


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