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WHO Renames Monkeypox to ‘Mpox’ to Tackle Stigma: WHO

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WHO Renames Monkeypox to 'Mpox' to Tackle Stigma WHO

(CTN News) – After receiving concerns that the present word for the illness was racial and stigmatizing, the World Health Organization said on Monday that it would begin adopting a new preferred term, “mpox,” as a synonym for monkeypox and advised others to follow suit.

The WHO said that “both names will be used concurrently for one year while “monkeypox” is phased out.”

This year, the WHO held a public survey to select a new name for the illness and got more than 200 suggestions. The news was greeted favorably by the United States, which was one of the nations and organizations advocating the name change.

According to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s tweet, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will likewise start using the name “mpox”.

“To minimize stigma and impediments to treatment for those most harmed, we welcome and support the renaming to mpox,” Walensky said.

Xavier Becerra, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said, “lowering stigma associated with sickness is one crucial component in our quest to eradicate the disease.”

The term “mpox” or “Mpox,” proposed among others by the men’s health organization RÉZO, was one of the most well-liked public ideas. According to the film’s director, eliminating the monkey images made audiences more aware of the health problem.


Some suggestions were ridiculous, such as “Poxy McPoxface,” which made fun of Boaty McBoatface, the name that a British polar research vessel was given after a public poll before being renamed Sir David Attenborough.

The WHO said that after taking into account the scientific suitability, the prevalence of current use, and pronounceability, among other things, international authorities decided on “mpox.”

Up until this year, the 1958 discovery of the disease, which called for the first animal to exhibit symptoms, largely spread in a few of west and central African nations.

Approximately 100 nations with non-endemic mpox outbreaks have already been recorded.

Under the International Classification of Illnesses, the WHO proposes new diseases.

In general, it aims to avoid connecting any illness or virus with a nation, area, animal, or racial or ethnic group.

It allocated the Greek alphabet’s letters to them last year to discourage the habit of connecting novel coronavirus varieties with particular nations.

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