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5 Reasons Why You Can Lose Your Hair



5 Reasons Why You Can Lose Your Hair

Have you ever wanted to get to the bottom of why you are losing your hair? Most people agree that hair loss is one of the worst things about ageing. But, the truth is that people can experience hair loss at any age.

It is not always to do with how old you are. Understanding why you are losing hair is important since you can work out what is happening.

There might be something you are able to do about the situation if it is affecting your confidence. Let’s take a closer look at why reasons why you might be losing your hair.

You Have Male Pattern Baldness

One of the most common reasons why you might be experiencing hair loss is because you have a condition called male pattern baldness.

This condition can be genetic and it causes DHT, which means it can run in your family. For example, your father or grandfather might be bald. Typically, you will experience hair loss at the temples or crown. You will then go bald.

Note that male pattern baldness can also be named androgenic alopecia. Women can experience this condition too and it can happen after going through menopause. Note that the hair will not grow back when you have this. So, if you wish to get your hairline back, you will have to seek treatment.

For example, this can include getting a hair transplant. Head to to see for yourself what can be achieved with the right surgeon.

People say that their lives are transformed and they have so much confidence after having this surgery. Generally, the full results can appear within one year.

You Are on Medication

Unfortunately, there are certain types of medication that can have side effects. One of them can be losing your hair. This is definitely not something you want to happen, but you might be in a situation where this is the reality.

For example, there can be depression medication, blood thinners and other drugs that can cause hair loss. Indeed, this can happen when you are on actively taking the medication, but the hair thinning can last after you have stopped them.

Sometimes, people will find that their hair follicles recover and they experience growth. But, in some cases, people never have the full and luscious hair they did before. This can be a side effect of taking that medication for a long time. You can ask for advice from a doctor if you believe it could be the medication.

You Have Been Through Physical Stress

Those that have gone through traumatic incidents may notice that they suffer from hair loss. Indeed, the body is very sensitive to trauma, whether this is a physical accident or something that has been very scary. In some cases, people have hair coming out in clumps, which causes balding. Of course, when this happens, it can make you more stressed and it can be a cycle.

For some people, the hair can recover after the trauma. But, there is no exact timeline of when the hair will start or stop falling out from trauma, which can make it hard to predict. It is best to get therapy or treatment for this physical stress in order to recover. Then, you can see whether your hair grows back.

A Nutrient Deficient Diet

They always say that you should consume certain vitamins and minerals if you want your hair to be strong and shiny. This includes biotin and iron. Indeed, people say that when they stick to a good diet, they see a difference in their hair. Well, the same can be said if you have a bad diet and one that is deficient of necessary nutrients. Your hair can start to suffer.

Indeed, if you have a nutrient-deficient diet, you can start to lose hair. It can fall out, which is the last thing you want to experience.

Generally, if you are able to improve your diet, you can change this around and improve growth. But, you might want to see a doctor in order to think about ways you can change your lifestyle.

Problems With Your Thyroid

When you have a problem with your thyroid, this can cause a variety of symptoms. One of them is that you can experience hair loss. Due to having an underactive or overactive thyroid, your hormones can be unbalanced. As a result, this can lead to losing your hair and other side effects.

If you think you have a problem with your thyroid, it is always best to see a doctor. They can diagnose you and offer the right treatment. Consequently, the hair can start to grow back, and any thinning can be reversed. Many people hesitate to go to the doctor because they are not sure if they are really sick.

But, it is always best to seek help, and that is what professionals are there for. They are going to be able to tell you if you do have a problem with your thyroid or if you are experiencing hair loss for another reason.

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