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Majority of Face Masks Brands Fail Quality Standards Test

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Majority of Face Masks Brands Fail Quality Standards Test

Thailand’s Consumer Council (TCC) reports that only a fifth of 60 face mask brands available on the market met Thai Industrial Standard quality standards.

This led the TCC to request that the Thai Industrial Standards Institute require disposable face masks to be manufactured in compliance with safety standard regulations, instead of doing it on a voluntary basis.

In July, the TCC randomly selected 60 face mask brands for testing. These included 14 kinds of disposable face masks, 27 brands of surgical face masks, and 19 kinds of N95 masks. The masks were tested to determine whether they met the standard based on filter efficiency of 0.1 microns and 0.3 microns, air permeability and pressure difference.

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The tests were conducted after the Upper House’s committee on human rights, freedom and consumer protection raised concerns about the quality of face masks.

According to Dr Paiboon Choungthong, a TCC committee member on products and services, only three of the 14 brands of disposable masks met the standard. These are LOC, Medicare Plus, and Iris Ohyama. Iris Ohyama, however, overstated the filter quality for 0.1 microns, since the results showed that its filter was only 97.47% efficient, instead of 99%. Eleven brands failed to pass: Zion, Lepono, Bestsafe, I-Tec, 3M, Asproni, Fidens, Life Mask, Microtex, Lanzhi and Yamada.

Only three of 27 brands passed the medical and surgical masks test. These are Nam Ah, Double-A Care, and TCH.

For N95 masks, seven brands passed the test: Minicare, Snake Brand, One Care, 3M, Welcare Black Edition, Ease Mask Zero, and Pharmatex.

Secretary-general of the TCC, Saree Aongsomwang, said the tests will help consumers buy higher-quality products. However, the council expressed concern that while N95 and medical masks must be approved by both the FDA and Thai Industrial Standards, disposable masks are not. Many of them are not approved by Thai Industrial Standards.

In order to ensure the safety of the public, the FDA as well as the Thai Industrial Standards Institute should enforce their standards on disposable face masks.

Source: Bangkok Post

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