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10 Best Tips To Improve Patients Scheduling System

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10 Best Tips To Improve Patients Scheduling System

Scheduling patients can be frustrating as you have to strike a balance between meeting your boss’ scheduling requirements and making patients feel comfortable with their appointments. As if that were all, certain unforeseen circumstances could also set you back in the process, making it a necessity for you to get better at your job.

But guess what? The good news is that the scheduling system has become much easier over the years, with over 67% of patients preferring to book online and only 33% craving appointments by phone. You have less work to do now.

For the fact, this article is a great compilation of the things you need to know regarding patients’ scheduling. So, in addition to the best tips for improving the patients’ scheduling system, keep an eye out for a couple of other ideas.

In this article, we will discuss ten tips, three of which are questions that you should respond to with actions, to assist you in enhancing the patient scheduling system at your workplace.


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To some people, it may not be breaking news to say that you need to make appointments with your patients a priority, but everyone should be reminded. It’s important to give patients an electronic patient scheduling form so they can make an appointment with you.

The said form should contain a space provider requiring several pieces of information, including the specification of their conditions to allow you to have an idea of the level of care they need. You can demand answers to as many questions as you’d like to get answers to.

If done properly, prioritizing the schedule of your patients can help you discover and fix some issues without having to schedule an appointment.


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Assuming that your scheduling system is online, we recommend that you check and ensure that your calendar settings are properly adjusted.

In order not to end up scheduling a 50-minute appointment into a 35-minute slot, you should pay attention to your software’s settings and have your options intact.


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One question to ask yourself is whether the team you work with practices double-booking or even triple-booking appointments. If the answer is yes, then you have to consider the downside of this scheduling pattern.

It can appear good to you or the boss you work under to keep patients waiting for as long as an hour or more and fetch them as soon as you are free, but the negative impact this practice could have on your brand is also huge.


Some patients will go as far as making bad reviews of your brand on Google, thereby reducing the reputation of your organization.


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When a doctor has to handle patients in need of different services, classifying them into various groups based on their needs is advisable.

Practicing cluster scheduling can be a very effective approach to improving the appointment system, as you will be able to attend to more people in a short amount of time.


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The team behind the patient scheduling system in your clinic will perform better when they have the whole job streamlined so that they won’t have to bother with reminding, rescheduling, or confirming appointments manually.

The world is already advanced and is more digitally based. No one would argue that one of the beauties of this, nonetheless, is the ease of getting things done. It is the reason a larger number of people prefer to work from home.

Since this remains the choice of many and you can make your scheduling form available digitally, you should deploy appointment scheduling software into the system.


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You are probably the cause of this if your organization suffers from it. People don’t want to waste their time as much as you also don’t want to. Coming late becomes an option for them if on one or two occasions you have made them wait for long before getting attended to.

To maintain a proper scheduling system, you must deduce the several means by which you can stop your patients from showing up late for their appointments.

If this keeps happening, then a double-book appointment can be a good schedule to try out.


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The essence of collecting data for the analysis of trends is to help you figure out the flaws and strengths in the scheduling system. You don’t want to keep doing the same thing; reflecting on the past and learning from it could be one great key to making progress in any field.

An analysis of what you have to work on and what your team is already making progress on can best be conducted with any scheduling software that has robust reporting features.

This is not included in our fifth tip on this list because gathering data and evaluating your progress can be accomplished even without software.


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Have you at any point considered helping your patients, as well as your staff, enjoy the scheduling system process better than ever? Automating responses is one of the most appropriate ways to handle that.

Science has made responding to commonly asked questions much easier with the invention and development of certain advanced patient scheduling system tools.

With these tools, you can automate responses to some of the most asked questions for a faster response, thereby making patients feel more comfortable with your services.

In addition, think of how better things will get if you no longer have to manually send the same response to people requesting appointment cancellation, rescheduling, or confirmation.


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As simple as this may appear, it is something most doctors fail to look into, thereby causing an inevitably failed scheduling system.

Doctors should make an effort to arrive at their offices hours or minutes before their scheduled patient appointments.

It is always important to work on your punctuality alongside other members of your team if you have not always kept to time.


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Broadcast messages can be the very best way to improve patients’ scheduling systems, as they help reach a larger audience more quickly.

That we are open to making mistakes as humans is an inevitable fact of life. Since only computers can always function as programmed, unless faulty, it is ideal that we seek other ways to work towards perfection.

Your clinic may be unable to keep the time of appointment given to patients as a result of some unforeseen circumstances. It is normal; however, the sudden change in your schedule is only your fault if it causes your patients trouble or makes a big difference in their lives.

A good way to approach this is to update them quickly. Having to call every patient can be relatively slow and cost your staff a lot of time.


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Other than the tips to improve the patient’s scheduling system, there are likely some other things you want to be clear about. So, you might want to look at our answers to some of the most common questions below.


We shall quickly discuss some of the top appointment scheduling types everyone should know.

Wave Scheduling: This is one of the most flexible scheduling systems you can use. It allows patients to visit more than once daily, receiving whatever service is needed gradually.

If your goal is to make patients feel at ease with their appointments and to be available to them at all times, use a time-slot scheduling format. It gives room for patients to choose from the various available time slots.

As the name suggests, a double-scheduling appointment is usually an open appointment for more than one patient (most commonly two) to receive services in a single time slot.

Cluster Scheduling: This allows healthcare providers to book the same time for patients with similar service needs.

Matrix scheduling: This is more like a regular appointment calendar, lets users compare the resources and employees who are available at any given time.


The following software can help reduce the scheduling workload on your team:

  • PIMSY Mental Health EHR
  • MicroMD
  • CareCloud
  • Kareo Billing
  • MedicsPremier
  • Shifton
  • NueMD
  • Enablemypractice
  • DrChrono
  • AMS Ultra Chart

Many of the apps on this list can help you accomplish more than you have scheduled, as they have been selected for the general activities of medical doctors.


You should stick to the idea of moving (perhaps part of) your scheduling system to the web if you intend to improve patients’ experiences, as one patient engagement statistics revealed that there are about 325,000 mobile health applications on computers and smartphones today.

So, for example, this statistic should indicate what your competitors (in the health industry) are doing. You would also not want to miss out on the trend, so follow suit.

Moreso, building your online reputation should count for you because research has shown that nearly nine out of 10 consumers across the globe attempt to read reviews before going for a product.

Following the highlighted tips in this piece will incontrovertibly help you improve the patient scheduling system of your organization. Thanks for reading!

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