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Should I Rent Furniture While Renting A Home?



Should I Rent Furniture While Renting A Home?

Renting a home does not mean you have to have dull or mismatched furniture. Personalising your living space goes a long way to making the place feel like home by having all the possible comforts you may require.

Nothing beats coming home to a cosy, inviting space after a difficult day at work than comfortable furniture and a cheerful setup.

If you are renting a home and want stylish decor, why not consider renting furniture? It is convenient, and you get the best quality items to suit your personality.

Here’s how rental furniture can inject personality into a rental home.

Reasons To Consider Renting Furniture In A Rental Home

Buying furniture is an excellent long-term financial decision, but renting sometimes makes sense. Instances where furniture rental is ideal include:

  • Moving abroad for work or study

Shipping your furniture can be costly if you are moving to another country or new town for work or study. For an easier international move, items like furnishings should be among the last things to worry about, as you can always rent.

Instead, find a furniture rental company to make your new space feel like home.

  • Change in furniture styles

If you are unsure about your furniture preferences, hiring different styles can help you decide. Instead of purchasing a costly item that does not fit into your interior, rent a few pieces first to test out the design and fit.

  • Short-term move

Renting furniture is the most flexible option for students or short-term work moves. You get to enjoy high-quality furnishings without committing long-term. Eventually, when it is time to pack up and leave, you do not have to worry about moving costs or disposing of the items.

  • Multiple homeowners

Whether it is a holiday house or a temporary flat in the city, owning an additional home is a good enough reason to rent furniture.

You already own furniture in your primary house and want a change of decor. Renting offers you flexibility and versatility, and you can always change the style with every season.

  • Undecided about owning furniture

Purchasing quality furniture for a home can be an expensive undertaking. While you make the decision, you can rent furniture to give you peace of mind.

  • Do not have time to shop

Like shopping for a house, searching for the ideal furniture for your home is time-consuming. Renting the most urgent items allows you to spend as much time as necessary shopping for what you need.

  • Home staging for selling

Realtors and first-time home buyers say a well-staged home is aesthetically pleasing and gets more offers. You can rent unique furnishings to make the house more inviting, attracting more potential buyers.

Benefits Of Renting Furniture While Renting A Home

Besides giving you the flexibility to decorate your home to suit your personality, renting furniture has various advantages. These include:

1. It saves you money.

Unlike buying, furniture rental initially requires less money. Additionally, once you make a purchase, you must spend another considerable amount to change the furnishings. With furniture rental, you can always find quality furnishings to fit any budget.

2. It saves time spent shopping.

Apart from the financial stress of looking for furniture, it takes time. Renting is an instant option, especially since the company delivers and collects the items at no extra cost.

3. Style flexibility.

With renting, you can switch up your decor frequently without worrying about new purchase costs. Depending on their rental terms, furniture rental companies will add new items or replace others upon request.


Although renting furniture while renting a home can be costly, especially long-term, its benefits outweigh the cons. Ensure you consider all the above reasons before deciding to rent.

Most furniture rental companies will work with you to create a rental home that portrays your personality while remaining cosy and beautiful.



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