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The Best Documentary Streaming Services for 2022

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Best Documentary Streaming Services: There is not a large fan base for the genre of documentaries, but it is considered the smart man’s choice of entertainment. Well-crafted documentaries are best for capturing reality in a pattern that makes learning interesting.

This genre has a plethora of content and features, but some streaming services are completely dedicated to it. That is why, in this feature, we will take you through the seven best documentary streaming services for 2022. If you’re looking to stay updated about such news, be sure to visit for more. Let’s get started.

Curiosity Stream

One of the leading contenders in the documentary market is Curiosity Stream. It was founded by John. S. Hendricks, founder of Discovery channel. The service has amassed over 20 million global subscribers through direct and bundled services.

It is priced for 20$/year, but the New Year discounts have gotten the price down to 15$/year. Its packages are differentiated by video quality (HD to 4K). Some of the best documentaries on CuriosityStream include:

  1. Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places
  2. David Attenborough’s Light on Earth
  3. Royals: Keeping the Crown
  4. The History of Home
  5. Miniverse
  6. First Man
  7. The History of Food
  8. Heval
  9. Ancient Earth
  10. Amazing Dinoworld


Netflix is the streaming giant in the world of content and entertainment. While it excels in teen pop, romance, and drama, it has a great side for documentaries as well. Speaking of documentaries, they just released a year-end 2021 documentary highlighting the years’ events and activities.

The documentary part of Netflix is not an add-on, meaning it comes with a subscription of 9$/month or more. Some of the acknowledged documentaries on Netflix are:

  1. Inside Job
  2. The Social Dilemma
  3. American Murder: The Family Next Door
  4. My Octopus Teacher
  5. American Factory
  6. The Great Hack
  7. Hot Girls Wanted
  8. Rocco
  9. Team Foxcatcher
  10. Gaga: Five Foot Two


Hulu is more than just a streaming service, as it features live TV channels. That means you not only get access to on-demand documentaries but channels like National Geographic, Discovery Channel, etc.

It has an incredibly low price of 6.99$/month or a total 64.99$ for Hulu + Live TV. It is one of the oldest contenders of Netflix, and in the world of documentaries, they have some notable leaders. Some of the best Hulu documentaries include:

  1. Wrinkles the Clown
  2. The Waiting Room
  3. Homeroom
  4. The Donut King
  5. Dead Asleep
  6. Totally Under Control
  7. Dear Santa
  8. Jacinta
  9. McCartney 3, 2, 1
  10. Changing the Game

PBS Documentaries

PBS Documentaries is considered one of the cheap options in the market (priced at 3.99$ per month). It is another service dedicated to the world of documentaries. It is part of PBS’s four streaming channels, next to PBS Masterpiece, Kids, and Living.

It features a plethora of content for users to stream. Some of its notable documentaries are:

  1. Fire in Paradise
  2. The Black Panther
  3. For Sama
  4. Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
  5. A Thousand Cuts
  6. The Secret History of ISIS
  7. The Apology
  8. Once Upon a Time in Iraq
  9. The Central Park Five
  10. Defying the Nazis: The Sharps War


With a plan as low as 4.99$ a month, MagellanTV is another strong competitor in the documentary market. With new content every week, and an ad-less experience, MagellanTV is home to some of the best features in the market. Some of the notable features on MagellanTV are:

  1. Evolution of Evil
  2. Meet the Romans
  3. Murder in Paradise
  4. A Question of Innocence
  5. Chicken Planet 4K
  6. WWII in the Pacific
  7. Europe from Above
  8. The Jupiter Enigma
  9. Secrets of Quantum Physics
  10. Operation Foxley: Mission Liquidate Hitler


In the world of documentaries, there are two options to pursue. If you’re someone who wants to justify the purchase of documentaries alongside entertainment, then streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., are great to go for.

But if your choice of entertainment is restricted to just documentaries, then you’d be making a smart purchase for opting for services like Curiosity Stream, MagellanTV, PBS Documentaries, etc. Some of these options come bundled with extra add-ons so, be sure to check them out.

You cannot go wrong with both options as production houses consistently make great documentaries and release them on multiple streaming services. Be sure to look at the price and variety during your selection. Happy streaming!


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