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‘Squid Game’ K-drama Season 2 to Premiere in 2024

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'Squid Game' K-drama Season 2 to Premiere in 2024

(CTN News) – It is expected that Squid Game season 2 will premiere in 2024, but Netflix already has a perfect replacement in a new K-drama that comes out later this year to replace the highly popular show.

The unprecedented success of Netflix’s Squid Game was a milestone for the platform, even though some of the platform’s best K-dramas premiered before the show. The popularity of Korean shows on Netflix, including Sweet Home, Crash Landing on You, and The Glory, illustrates the diversity of genres within Korean shows.

The Netflix streaming platform has some strong contenders for the next Squid Game, and any network would want to find a new Squid Game. The Japanese television series Alice in Borderland premiered before the Squid Game is currently set to receive a third season.

There is also the zombie K-drama All of Us Are Dead, which was released several months after the Squid Game and became a hit for the streamer. One of Netflix’s upcoming 2024 Korean dramas, however, is on the verge of becoming the perfect Squid Game replacement when it comes to the plot.

Netflix Plans Squid Game Reality TV Show With 4.56M Cash Prize 1

Netflix’s new squid game could be The 8 Show.

A K-drama based on the webtoons Money Game and Pie Game by Bae Jin-soo titled Han Jae-rim has directed the 8 Show. A series set to premiere on Netflix in the second quarter of 2024, The 8 Show, will tell the story of eight people competing for a cash prize in a game show.

There are eight stores in the building where the competition takes place, and the players are awarded more and more money as the competition continues. Playing the “8 Show” will prove to be very risky, even though the chance of winning money is very tempting, even though the chance of winning money is very high.

Whenever we talk about stories of people competing for money, we are naturally reminded of Squid Game, but the webtoon on which The 8 Show is based was published in 2018.

It is worth remembering that Squid Game has already proved that examining the layers of capitalism and social dynamics within a story about survival and greed can make for a great TV show, which is why The 8 Show has so much potential. Not surprisingly, audiences will be interested in a new K-drama exploring similar themes even though Squid Game will return in 2024.

Can any Netflix show match Squid Game’s impact on pop culture?

In the future, it is unlikely that any television series, whether a K-dramas, an American series, or a production from another country, will ever be able to match the impact of Squid Game’s first season.

We are not even sure if Squid Game season two will be able to replicate the magic of the show’s debut. A huge pop culture hit, Squid Game spawned a lot of original Korean shows on Netflix, from Halloween costumes to viral YouTube videos that became a huge success.

It is important to note, however, that this does not in any way indicate that other shows with similar premises can’t be just as good, if not better, than Squid Game.

Han Jae-rim, helming his first Netflix show with The 8 Show, is an established filmmaker who has directed films such as Face Reader and Emergency Declaration.

As a result of the good reviews received for the source material, the cast also seems very promising. Ryu Jun-yeol, one of the most prominent stars from the widely acclaimed K-dramas Reply 1988 and Reply 1988, leads the 8 Show cast along with Chun Woo-hee, Park Jeong-min, and many others.

Although much information hasn’t been released about The 8 Show so far, it seems to be a spiritual successor to the Squid Game judging by the first clip and the official images.

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