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Premiere Of Survivor 46: Castaways Get Muddy – And Someone Quits a Challenge

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Premiere Of Survivor 46: Castaways Get Muddy - And Someone Quits a Challenge

(CTN News) – A castaway became the first boot after season Survivor 46’s first tribal council this week as personalities clashed, alliances formed, and a new alliance formed.

“This is Where the Legends Are Made” highlighted divisions among the orange Nami tribe, with data analyst Venus offended when actor Tevin called her a “princess” and science teacher Hunter annoyed by Soda’s singing.

As tensions grew, Tevin and Hunter teamed up to form the Andy Griffith Alliance. Meanwhile, Soda formed a close bond with Venus, which viewers and her tribemates are seeing as the new Parvati Shallow, one of Survivor’s most beloved players.

Nami won the first reward challenge, winning a machete, pot and flint, which are all necessary to build shelter, cook food, and make fire.

In the meantime, the green Siga tribe finished second and chose whether to compete in a “savvy” or “sweat” challenge to earn those supplies again. In this competition, the winning purple Yanu tribe chose the puzzle, while Follow chose the physical activity.

It was later revealed that Charlie and Ben had failed Siga’s word puzzle challenge, but that Jem, Moriah, and Maria had recruited Charlie to join them as “Charlie’s Angels.”

Additionally, parent coach Maria and college coach Tim bonded over being parents, with Maria saying she would drive the minivan to the game.

Athletic real estate agent Q and slot machine salesman Jelinsky both quit during the sweat challenge as they attempted to fill buckets with ocean water with tiny holes on the sides, carry them across the beach, and fill larger containers before the water leaked out completely.

The challenge hourglass was nearly empty when Jelinsky quit and threw it away in defeat. As a result, Q began to doubt the perseverance of his tribemates.

The decision-making abilities of Jelinsky were also tested later in the episode, the 662nd in Survivor’s history, when he, Tevin and Maria represented their tribes on the always risky gain-a-vote journey.

Tevin, Maria, and the Yanu tribe were Survivor surprised when Jelinsky lost his vote while lying.

The six tribemates were sent to tribal council after Jelinsky’s losing streak continued at the immunity challenge. In spite of this, artist Tiffany was delighted that her group lost as it allowed her to find a key that would unlock a box containing the immunity idol.

Following Jeff Probst’s unanimous vote in Fiji, Jelinsky became the first contestant voted off of Survivor 46.

On March 6, another two-hour episode will air, followed by 90-minute episodes every week thereafter.

On Wednesdays, Survivor season 46 airs at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific time.


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