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‘Peacemaker’ Explained: Who is the White Dragon?




 An HBO Max now has three episodes of The Peacemaker available to stream.

DC shows follow the exploits of its eponymous supervillain (played by John Cena) as he embarks on a new government mission entitled Project Butterfly.

Despite being the focus of the show, Peacemaker isn’t the only famous DC villain to appear. Apparently, Auggie Smith (Robert Patrick) is also a villain.

Peacemaker‘s team frames Auggie for his son’s misdeeds in the show’s first episode. In episode 2, Auggie goes to prison for his son’s misdeeds.

One white inmate shouts ‘all hail the White Dragon‘ as he kneels before Auggie and raises his hands in Nazi salute.

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Who is the White Dragon?

A number of DC Comics supervillains, including Auggie, have the alter-ego “The White Dragon.”.

Its name refers to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), whose high-ranking members are entitled to the title of “Grand Dragon”.
Heller was the first villain to adopt the menacing moniker in the comics, and he was a neo-Nazi who fought as a member of the Suicide Squad.

His first appearance in the Suicide Squad #4 comic was in 1984, and he remained a villain until his death in Suicide Squad Vol 3 #8 in 2008.

Heller became a racist because of his Nazi-supporting grandfather, and when the patriarch died, he used his inheritance to fund several Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups and also found the Aryan Empire.

Heller would combat criminals of Black, Latino, or Asian origin and give them to the police, but he would take white criminals and bring them into the Aryan Empire when he was before the White Dragon.

Later, he took on the villain’s name and donned a new suit, joining the Fourth Reich, before being taken down and eventually joining the Suicide Squad. As a result of a failed coup against Task Force X and Amanda Waller, he was killed.

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