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‘ Marvel Rivals’ To Launch In May With Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man, Magneto, Magik And 12 More Characters

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'Marvel Rivals' To Launch In May With Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man, Magneto, Magik And 12 More Characters

(CTN News) – There is a new free-to-play PC title on the way, Marvel Rivals, which will be released by Marvel Games in May.

The first update of the game will allow players to take on the role of 18 iconic supervillains and superheroes from the Marvel Universe, with more updates to be released later in the game’s lifespan.

In May (exact release date TBD), the closed alpha version of the game will be available to players with the following characters: Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Groot, Hulk, Iron Man, Loki, Luna Snow, Magik, Magneto, Mantis, Namor, Peni Parker, Rocket Raccoon, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Storm, Star-Lord, and The Punisher, among others.

NetEase Games, the developer of Marvel Rivals, has revealed that players will have to “assemble an ever-evolving squad of superheroes and supervillains to battle unique superpowers across a dynamic lineup of destructible maps across the Marvel Multiverse” as part of the superhero team-based shooter “Marvel Rivals.”

You can find a description of Marvel Rivals here: Marvel Rivals was developed by NetEase’s writing team.

A merciless clash between the merciless dictator Doctor Doom and his future counterpart from 2099 has led to the collision of countless universes through the Timestream Entanglement, which has created a world and crisis that is yet to be understood.

Due to the conflict between disparate groups of supervillains and superheroes from across the multiverse, superheroes and supervillains were forced to fight together in addition to fighting against each other.”

There are plans to keep the game updated Marvel Rivals regularly after the launch, with seasonal drops of new characters, as well as new maps and content to come after the release of the game, according to Marvel and NetEase.


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