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‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas Movie, Right?



'Die Hard' is a Christmas Movie, Right?

(CTN News) – Amidst the holiday season, individuals are indulging in a series of Christmas movies. Interestingly, an actor from the renowned film Die Hard asserts that this particular movie should be included in the festive lineup.

Released in 1988, this action-packed thriller revolves around the life of John McClane, a police officer from New York City portrayed by Bruce Willis. 4 The plot centers on his heroic efforts to thwart a group of terrorists who target his wife’s Christmas work party at a towering building.

Although the storyline may not exude a cheerful holiday atmosphere, the ongoing debate regarding its classification as a Christmas film is primarily based on the backdrop of the narrative.

During an interview with the Mirror, Robert Davi, the actor who played FBI agent Big Johnson in the film, shared his perspective on the subject.

4 He firmly asserted that the movie is unquestionably a Christmas film. Its re-release in the United States garnered remarkable success at the box office, and it is currently being shown in theaters across the country as it is widely recognized as a holiday movie.

However, the 72-year-old actor acknowledged that Die Hard is not exactly a “festive flick.” Despite its setting during the holiday season, Bruce Willis’ character’s intense action and the film’s violent nature initially made it difficult for audiences to view it as a traditional Christmas movie.

When I initially began working on it, in 1988 or whenever it may have been, I didn’t truly perceive it as a Christmas film.
I didn’t think to myself, ‘Oh, this is a Christmas movie.’ But over time, it has become one,” he stated.

As the years went by, Die Hard gained a cult following, with fans embracing its unique blend of action and holiday themes. The film’s release during the holiday season, coupled with its memorable Christmas party setting, gradually led to its association with Christmas.

One could make the case that Bruce Willis embodies this character who tirelessly moves about with his feet wounded if you catch my drift.

It takes place during Christmas, so it has that atmosphere. It has transformed into a Christmas film, loved by many as their favorite holiday movie,” Robert concluded.

Die Hard’s unconventional take on the holiday season has resonated with audiences, who appreciate the film’s ability to blend action-packed thrills with a festive backdrop.

Despite its initial departure from the typical Christmas movie formula, Die Hard has managed to carve out its niche in the holiday film genre.


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