Barack Obama Visits ‘The Daily Show’ & Discuss Mid-Term Elections With Trevor Noah
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Barack Obama Visits ‘The Daily Show’ & Discuss Mid-Term Elections With Trevor Noah



Barack Obama Visits ‘The Daily Show’ & Discuss Mid-Term Elections With Trevor Noah

(CTN NEWS) – On The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Thursday, former American president Barack Obama appeared as a guest to talk about the midterm elections and the country’s current political climate.

The Obama Foundation Democracy Forum and important issues affecting America and the rest of the globe were discussed by the 44th president of the United States of America, according to Variety.

Obama spoke with Trevor Noah for the third time, but it was his first time doing it in the studio.

He earlier made an appearance in a 2020 programme that was practically taped, and he conducted one of his final presidential interviews with Trevor Noah there.

Barack Obama Visits ‘The Daily Show’ & Discuss Mid-Term Elections With Trevor Noah

The night of November 17 was set aside for Obama’s interview. On December 8, 2022, Noah will make his final appearance on The Daily Show.

The interview also took place during a politically interesting period. The Republican Party won the House of Representatives in last week’s midterm elections, ending the Democrats’ two-year hold on the chamber.

Donald Trump, Obama’s successor as president, has declared his intention to run for office again in 2024.

Trevor Noah started out by asking the former president two questions:

1st, if he feels pressure to come out and promote fresh Democratic candidates, and 2nd, what does it mean for the party that he is constantly on the campaign trail, in his opinion?

Trevor Noah appeared to be implying that Obama played a significant role in the Democratic gains this year, but he disproved that idea by asserting that he believed the candidates themselves were to blame for the results.

Wes Moore, Josh Shapiro, John Fetterman, and Mark Kelly were mentioned in his statement to Trevor Noah , who said,

“The reason we did better than projected can be credited to not me or anything I did… we hired some fantastic prospects.” He said they connect with people and are dedicated, enthusiastic, down-to-earth, and committed.

“I enter primarily to draw attention to them, so that’s why.”

Obama’s second goal was to talk about the issue that gives him “hope” for future elections.

In this midterm election, “young people are voting,” he said. “We’ve seen it for three elections now, so I’m starting to feel very hopeful that this is a habit.”

“It’s been mentioned frequently how badly I did in the midterm elections while I was president, and a big part of that was extraordinarily low voting rates,”

He added that while he was in the Oval Office, he believed that many Democrats believed they were secure because he was in that position.

But once people like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and others have power, it limits what a president can accomplish.

Obama said, “I think that lesson was learned.”.

“Since Donald Trump came into office, you’ve seen young people coming in, and they’re generally voting Democrat to Republican 70 to 30, 60 to 40 in favour of Democratic candidates. Their enthusiasm drove this election.”

And when asked what he thought about the fact that roughly 170 election skeptics were elected this year, the former president said he felt it was “interesting” how they don’t contest their own victories.

However, he did perceive one benefit from their election.

“The most egregious, well-known, and potentially dangerous election deniers “got hammered,” he said. “What is important is that they got beaten because of concerted efforts in several crucial states.”

However, the ability of election skeptics to rise through the ranks and assume power may indicate a more significant global problem.

“The basic tenets of democracy are being questioned,” Obama declared, adding that when Americans refuse to accept defeat, “it sends a signal all around the world that weakens democracy.”

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