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Is Bitcoin Getting Ready For Another Bull Run In 2022?

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Is Bitcoin Getting Ready For Another Bull Run In 2022?

In the past few years, we have seen a lot of ups and downs in the Bitcoin market. Now the question is how Bitcoin is going to perform in this year 2022. It is really crucial to get some idea about the predictions that are being made for 2022.

On the basis of those predictions, you need to develop new investment strategies and start investing in Bitcoin through bitcoin prime.

The Past Years Of Bitcoin

If you are a Crypto-fan and keep track of its performance and yourself updated with the latest news, you might know about the Bitcoin bull run of 2017. During that year, we have witnessed Bitcoin reaching a price value of around $20,000.

The hype of the ICOs or initial coin offerings and also the eagerness to get benefit in a shorter time span has fueled the bull run.

However, during the initial days of 2018, when the ICO bubble popped, the Bitcoin market also experienced a crash. Exports and financial advisers started to believe that in the coming years’ Bitcoin will go through a lot of turmoil and also take some time to establish.

During the pandemic, the Bitcoin lovers lost all hope in Bitcoin as it had fallen to a value price of less than $3,300. But the pandemic year 2020 ended after bitcoin reached its all-time highest value price of around $29,000.

It has overcome the turmoil, and by the 10th November 2021, Bitcoin managed to make another record by reaching the value price of around $68,000.

What Can We Expect In 2022?

Now, our concern is all about 2022.

What is waiting for us in 2022?

How will the Bitcoin graph run? Whether it will be a bear market or will be at a bull run. Here are the things we can expect in 2022.

New Regulations

China has already started cracking down on the Bitcoin or overall Cryptocurrency market. It causes volatility in prices. At the same time, some of the market observers are expecting more regulatory measures down the same road.

Key Technical Indicators

A number of technical indicators could signal that Bitcoin is actually heading towards a Bull run. Bitcoin has already been reaching higher lows, just like any other positive trend. The technicals, however, are not always the most trustworthy predictions.

It mostly depends on how you are combining the analysis and charts. As per that, the market also might look like it is heading towards a downward spiral.

The US Economy

The US economy is still emerging from the pandemic quarantine measure, and several speculations, like the asset prices, have already reached an inflated level. In this situation, how will everything affect the Bitcoin market?

A group of economists believes a US recession will be rocket fuel for a Crypto or Bitcoin bull run. In case the investors lose faith in the stock market and traditional currencies, they will turn towards Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Plus, as Bitcoin is a global currency, it will not get affected by the inflation and economic crisis of a single country. At the same time, in case a recession hits and the traditional currencies become tight, it will also make the people sell their Bitcoins.

Stablecoins Around The Globe

Several countries are planning to develop or have already started working on their own stable coins or digital currencies. The United States, France, Russia, along some other countries have already declared they have plans to enter the market of digital currency.

China is heading several steps faster by launching its CBDC or central bank digital currency.

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