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Woman in Thailand Suspected of Murdering 12 People Through Cyanide Poisoning

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Woman in Thailand Suspected of Murdering 12 People Through Cyanide Poisoning

A Criminal Court Thailand has granted investigators’ request to continue detaining a prominent police officers former wife, who is accused of killing a woman through cyanide poisoning.

Ms. Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn is the former wife of a prominent police officer and is accused of being involved in the deaths of a dozen others with whom she had contact and who died in identical circumstances.

According to Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, two more dead victims have been linked to Ms. Sararat, raising the total to 12.

There was one survivor who has been providing authorities with information about her contact with the accused. The woman was killed through cyanide poisoning and her heart stopped beating, thankfully a doctor was able to restart it in time. Pol Gen Surachate stated that police were interviewing her.

Ms. Sararat was arrested with an arrest warrant on Tuesday at the government office complex in Bangkok by Crime Suppression Division (CSD) officers. According to investigators, she was in possession of a vial of cyanide.

Top Police Officers Wife Arrested Over 6 Cyanide Poisoning Cases

Her arrest came after the mother and elder sister of the late Siriporn “Koy” Khanwong, 32, of Kanchanaburi, filed a complaint with the CSD on April 14.  Ms. Siriporn fell and died in Ratchaburi’s Ban Pong district, where she had gone with friends to release fish for merit-making. Cyanide was discovered in her body.

Investigators suspected Ms Sararat was the person who put cyanide in Siriporn’s food, causing her death. She is also accused of stealing the victim’s possessions. This resulted in her arrest.

According to Pol Gen Surachate, the two most recent deaths linked to the investigation of cyanide poisoning occurred in the districts of Don Tum and Muang in Nakhon Pathom.

Despite the fact that some remains have been incinerated, authorities say they have circumstantial evidence and witnesses to back up their claims. Some bodies also have autopsy reports accessible, he added.

According to a source familiar with the investigation, the woman who survived has only been identified as Ms Kantima, alias Pla, the wife of a border patrol police officer in Kanchanaburi.

On Tuesday night, Ms Sararat was escorted to CSD headquarters for questioning.

Investigators took her before the Criminal Court on Wednesday morning and were granted permission to keep her for another 12 days, from April 26 to May 7, while testimonies were obtained from ten additional witnesses. They are also awaiting the findings of an autopsy and a review of criminal case records.

She was detained in detention when the police objected to her bail.

Pol Col Anek Taosupap, a deputy CSD commander, stated that Ms Sararat refused to provide information throughout her interrogation. She also declined to give a blood sample for DNA evidence testing.

Ms Sararat is the rumored ex-wife of a police constable superintendent. They divorced in 2022, but they still see one other on occasion because they have two children.

Cyanide PoisoningCyanide Poisoning

Cyanide poisoning occurs when someone inhales, ingests or absorbs cyanide, a toxic chemical compound that prevents cells in the body from using oxygen properly. This can cause serious harm to the body’s organs, particularly the heart and brain, and can even lead to death.

Symptoms of cyanide poisoning can vary depending on the severity of exposure, but some common signs include headache, confusion, dizziness, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, nausea and vomiting, seizures, and loss of consciousness. If you suspect cyanide poisoning, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

Treatment for cyanide poisoning may include administering an antidote such as hydroxocobalamin, which binds to cyanide in the blood and forms a nontoxic compound that can be excreted by the body. In some cases, oxygen therapy or other supportive measures may also be necessary.

Prevention of cyanide poisoning can involve taking appropriate precautions when working with cyanide, such as wearing protective clothing and using proper ventilation, as well as being aware of the potential sources of cyanide in the environment, such as fires and certain industrial processes.

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