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Swiss Man Arrested for Brutal Assault on Thai Woman in Southern Thailand

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Swiss Man Assault Thailand

A Swiss man has been arrested for allegedly attacking a 58-year-old woman at a store in Trang province, Southern Thailand, on Tuesday. Police identified the individual as Dieter Matthias Straumann, 62.

Natchanun Khikkham, 53, was brought to the Intensive Care Unit after being repeatedly hit by the 62-year-old Swiss male, resulting in facial trauma and head injuries including a broken nose, fractured right brow, and bruises around both eyes.

Police detained the culprit and interrogated him for almost 9 hours. Despite extended interrogation, he remained mute and refused to recognize the claims made against him.

Following the foreigner’s shove, eyewitnesses said that the woman recommended prudence and told the stranger to be nice.

Ignoring the warning, the man hit her four times before walking away. She then threw him a water bottle, but it missed him.

Swiss man Assaults Thai Woman

Enraged, the foreigner returned and violently assaulted the victim, knocking her to the ground, then striking her several times and pressing his knee against her neck before departing the scene.

The event left shoppers stunned before he was apprehended by security officers and the police arrived. Police determined that he held a retirement visa that would expire in November of this year.

Despite his unwillingness to admit the charges of causing bodily injury to others, which resulted in serious injuries, authorities contacted the Swiss Embassy in Thailand to request cooperation in judicial procedures.

Meanwhile, Sakul Damrongkiat, Deputy Governor of Trang Province, paid a visit to the injured victims at the hospital, where medical personnel predicted her recuperation period would be at least a month.

Natchanan was perplexed by the attack, wondering how a foreigner could conduct such a crime against a Thai without justification.

She underlined the gravity of the assault, particularly when the offender placed his knee on her neck, claiming that it was not only an act of violence but an attempted murder. She asked officials to take the case to the full extent of the law.

Phuket Governor Ask Immigration to Revoke Swiss Mans Visa

Meanwhile, in Phuket, Thailand, a Swiss man has denied kicking a female doctor admiring the moon on beach stairs near his rented Phuket property, and the case will now proceed to court, according to a Phuket deputy governor.

Adul Chuthong said on Monday that the suspect disputed the assault charge, and that prosecutors in Thalang district would forward the matter to Phuket Provincial Court for a decision.

Thandao Chandam, a 26-year-old doctor from Phuket’s Dibuk Hospital, filed the complaint.

She told police that Urs “David” Fehr, 45, kicked her when she and a companion were watching the full moon from a set of steps leading down to Yamu beach, near the property that Mr. Fehr and his Thai wife rent. The claimed attack occurred on the night of February 24.

According to Deputy Governor Adul, Mr Fehr has a business visa and a registered elephant foundation, and provincial officials are investigating their legality.

His visa was good through March 13. The man might then continue on a suspect’s visa while awaiting prosecution. Mr Adul stated that any later visa application could be considered.

Local officials had already ordered the demolition of the disputed steps, as well as patios and embankments in the villa estate facing Yamu beach, within 30 days because they encroached on public territory, he stated.

Mr Adul stated that land officials would inspect the villa property to ensure its legitimacy.

National police commander Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol said on Monday that he will send an inspector-general to oversee the case and guarantee that officers in Phuket handled it fairly.

On March 1, Mr Fehr and his Thai wife Khanuengnit visited the Phuket provincial hall to apologize for the incident. They claimed to be enraged on February 24 because they confused the doctor and her friend for Chinese visitors who had previously intruded on the land.

Mr. Fehr also denied kicking the doctor, claiming he stumbled on the beach steps and fell as he approached her.

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