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Son Murders 72 Year-old Father Over State Welfare Money



police, Son Murders His 72 Year-old Father Over State Welfare Money

Police in northeastern Thailand are hunting for a 46 year-old man suspected of killing his 72 year-old father over state welfare money. Relatives found the father buried behind his home in Buri Ram on Monday.

According to a police spokesperson the dead man was identified as Mr Pae Chaleepham, 72, he was reported missing on Friday. His body was found buried behind house on Sunday by relatives who were looking for him.

They found a freshly dug pit hastily filled in and covered with two dried coconut branches. They reported their discovery to the Ban Mai Chaiphot police station.

Police, rescuers and a local doctor went to the scene and excavated freshly dug pit and found Mr Pae’s body. He was wearing trousers but no shirt. There were two deep cuts on his face and many others about his head, arms and body. His right ear was sliced nearly off, the police source said.

Relatives told police they believed Mr Pae was killed and buried by his son, Wichian, 41, who also disappeared from the house on Friday. Relatives told police that Mr Wichian had beat his elderly father on many occasions.

Piyawan Dokthaisong, 35, Mr Pae’s niece, said her uncle had lived in the house with his son since his wife died.

Before Mr Pae went missing on Friday she had heard him quarreling with Mr Wichian. His son wanted to take his father’s state welfare card to buy things, but Mr Pae would not allow it.

Police launched a manhunt for Mr Wichian.

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