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Prison Inmate Makes Brazen Escape Wearing Wardens Uniform



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A prison inmate made a brazen escape by wearing a stolen wardens uniform and a face mask walking straight out of the prison unchallenged on Thursday morning. The inmates freedom was short-lived and he was recaptured in the afternoon. However the ease with which he escaped caused a stir with the prison warden.

The prison inmate was jailed on theft charges, escaped from the Phetchabun prison around 9.54am.

Security camera footage showed him wearing the warden’s uniform, face mask and a cap and holding a documents file emerge from the main building.

He briefly heads off in the wrong direction before reversing and casually strolling out through the open gate. He then reportedly disappeared along the busy road outside. No alarm were raised during his brazen escape.

According to the Bangkok Post, the inmate later went to his house and later left there on a motorcycle.

Pol Maj Gen Atthasit Sudsa-nguan, chief of Phetchabun police, quickly took control of the investigation. A hunt was immediately launched for the prison inmate.

Police initially believed he was heading to Lom Sak district, in the north of the province. He had relatives there.

However, he was caught on Thursday afternoon, hiding in a deserted house in a corn field in Muang district.

His motorcycle was also found and seized.

Police were interrogating him, wanting to know how he obtained a warder’s uniform. Even more how he made his way out of the prison so easily.

During the interrogation, the inmate said he faced six theft cases and would serve long time in jail. This drove him to plot a plan to escape from the prison. He insisted he acted alone.

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