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Victims Offer Reward for Whereabouts of US$55 Million Forex Scammer

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Victims Offer Reward for Whereabouts of US$55 Million Forex Scammer

The victims of a US$55 million dollar Forex scam in Thailand have joined together to offer a 5-million-baht reward for the whereabouts of two women, including a well-known Thai YouTube and Instagram influencer.

Both are facing charges of swindling people through a Forex trading scam.

Attorney Mr Paisal Ruengrit represents 30 people who claim to be victims of the Forex scam allegedly perpetrated by Ms Suchata Kongsupajak, better known as Nutty, 30 and Ms Nichapat Rattananukrom, 33.

On Tuesday, Mr Paisal accompanied the 30 victims to the complaint center of the Central Investigation Bureau and requested that charges be filed against them.

Approximately 6,000 people have fallen for the scam, resulting in more than two billion baht being lost. As a result of fraud allegations, the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) has asked the Criminal Court to approve warrants for the arrest of the women.

They face charges for importing false information into a computer system and offering unrealistically high returns from investments, which they know they cannot fulfill.

A reward of 5 million baht was offered by the victims to anyone with information on the suspects’ whereabouts. It is believed that Ms Suchata fled to another country before the authorities revoked her passport.

Moreover, Ms Suchata’s image has been shared on social media showing changes in her appearance following cosmetic surgery.

YouTube Influencer Flees Thailand Over US$55 Million Forex Scam

Forex Trading Course Offered

According to the attorney, the YouTube influencer “Nutty” often flaunted her wealth on social media and her YouTube channels where she can be seen buying a house, land and luxury cars.

She told her YouTube and social media followers the money was from Forex trading through a broker called “IQ Option”. In addition, she allegedly offered a Forex trading course and a plan that guaranteed large profits.

Ms Suchata used social media and turned herself into a fake “Forex Guru” and went by the name Coach Nutty on YouTube and social media.

She allegedly deceived viewers claiming she was able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars through just 16 minutes of Forex trading, and able to make US$100,000 in a single day.

She offered a course on trade Forex for beginners and trading in Forex.

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