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Police Seize Assets Worth US$2.1 Million from Gambling Network

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Police have seized a limited edition Lamborghini and assets worth US$2.1 million, from a major gambling network with over US$30.5 million in circulation.

A team of officers from the Cyber Police arrested 14 more suspects who were involved in operating the online gambling website Gimi88.com.

The seized assets from the gambling network included a Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4, one of only 100 supercars worldwide. The car was manufactured to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary in 2013.

Police officer Pol Col Thitisan, 39 aka “Jo Ferrari” who was arrested for murdering a drug suspect also had a Lamborghini limited-edition Aventador LP 720-4 50 Anniversary special. He was reportedly the first Thai to own this model car.

The supercar was worth about US$1.5 million, Cyber police said.

Cyber police officers extended their investigation following the arrests of 46 suspects in connection with visn betting with the online gambling website.

Gambling Network Linked to Football Club

The suspects were allegedly network members of the chairman of a southern football club.

A raid on eight locations in Songkhla on Feb 8 led to the arrests of 46 suspects for operating the gambling website.

These premises contained 41 computers, 73 monitors, 27 notebook computers, 18 mobile phones, one iPad, 220 SIM cards and other items.

According to Thai media, the gambling website is linked to the chairman of Nakhon Si United Football Club, Chanonphat Naksua, alias “Sia Krit”.

Following the police raid in Songkhla in which 46 suspects implicated him in the illegal website and action network, he was caught on February 24 at the Don Mueng airport.

Meanwhile, the Songkhla police arrested Patchara Suphattanakul, 30, in the Muang district this same day. An arrest warrant had been issued for him for colluding to operate a sports gambling podcast network. He is said to be affiliated with Mr. Chanonphat.

According to Thai media reports, the two men were released on bail on Feb 25 with a bond of US$3,000 each.

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