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New Zealanders Who Attacked Police Officer in Phuket to Be Blacklisted

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New Zealanders Who Assaulted Police Officer in Phuket

The Phuket governor criticized the New Zealand brothers who attacked a traffic cop and grabbed his pistol on Saturday, stating that their major violation of Thai law is entirely unacceptable.

“Such an attack, whether it is against our officials or [ordinary] people, is intolerable,” Phuket Governor Sophon Suwannarat told a press conference at the Phuket provincial police office on Monday.

He was discussing the story of two New Zealanders who attacked a traffic cop after he followed them for a traffic infringement on Saturday.

“The behaviour was inappropriate and illegal… It sets a very poor example in a tourist destination like Phuket… Serious measures will be made to protect Phuket’s tourism atmosphere… The governor emphasized the importance of safety for both visitors and Thai residents of Phuket.

Phuket officials would notify the New Zealand embassy in Bangkok that their citizens had significantly broken the law, Mr Sophon stated.

At the press conference, Phuket Police Chief Pol Maj Gen Sinlert Sukhum provided a detailed summary of the incident.

New Zealanders Arrested in Phuket for Assaulting a Police Officer

He said Hamish Day, 34, and Oscar Day, 36, rode their rental motorcycles dangerously fast past the Chalong police station on Chaofa (West) Road in Muang district of Phuket around 4.10 p.m. on Saturday, failing to use the left lane as required by traffic rules.

Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somsak Noo-iad, stationed in front of the police station, urged them to stop, but they ignored him. The police officer then pursued the two visitors while simultaneously radioing for help.

The tourists later paused in front of a restaurant on Chaofa (East) Road. The officer informed them that they had violated traffic laws by defying his stop order. The policeman also requested their driver’s licenses.

At this point, the New Zealanders offered a bribe, but the officer refused and instructed them to pay their fine at the police station.

In answer, they walked towards their motorcycles, clearly intending to flee. Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somsak then took pictures of them using his mobile phone.

New Zealanders, Phuket, Policeman

The brothers grew outraged. One of them attacked the police officer, dragged him to the ground, and attempted to seize his revolver. During the struggle, the gun was discharged once, but no one was injured.

The attacker who immobilised the police officer was a large, powerful mixed martial arts fighter, according to the Phuket police chief. He eventually snatched the rifle and gave it to his brother.

The backup crew arrived a few minutes later and stopped the crisis from escalating. Tourist permits for New Zealanders have been revoked, and they will be blacklisted, according to Pol Maj Gen Sinlert.

They were accused with robbery, obstructing an officer on duty, assaulting an officer, attempted bribery, and driving without a license.

Pol Col Ekarat Plaiduang, chief of the Chalong police station, stated that Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somsak’s fingers were slightly wounded and bruised elsewhere. His coworkers and supervisors provided him with formal remuneration as well as additional financial support.

He stated a vehicle rental company would face a 2,000 baht charge for lending motorcycles to people who did not have a driver’s license.

Thailand’s immigration blacklist can get foreign nationals in serious trouble. Overstaying a visa, even by a single day, can result in a blacklist and a lifetime ban from re-entering Thailand.

The penalties vary according to how long someone has overstayed. Those found working illegally face deportation and a multi-year ban. Breaking other laws, such as narcotics, or committing crimes ensures blacklisting.

Once on the blacklist, it is incredibly difficult to remove. To avoid these harsh consequences, foreign nationals must strictly adhere to Thailand’s immigration procedures.

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