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Road Raged Driver Arrested After Shooting Passenger Van Driver



Road Raged Driver Arrested after Shooting Passenger Van Driver

A passenger van driver in Southern Thailand was wounded after a road-rage man fired at him claiming the van had cut in front him. Lukman Hayeelador, 29, of Yi-ngo district in Narathiwat one of the counties with the most road rage incidents, was apprehended in Hat Yai not long after the incident.

The attack occurred around 10am when shots were fired from a car into the van. Horlahudee Yanya, the van driver, was wounded in his right leg. A friend of the injured driver used his phone to take video of the attack.

It captured an image of the white car with Songkhla license plates according to CTN News.

Police checked the registration and traced the car to Mr Lukman. Police later found the suspect inside his car with two friends. Mr Lukman, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, admitted to firing his gun at the van driver. He insisted his two friends were not involved.

Police seized an 11mm pistol and nine bullets from him. The gun was illegal.

The suspect told police he became angry after the passenger van driver cut in front of his car earlier at the Don Yang intersection in Pattani. His friend, who was driving the car, followed the van for about 70 kilometres, catching up with it in Na Mom, where the suspect fired three shots at the van driver.

Police initially pressed four counts of charges of attempted murder, illegal possession of a weapon and ammunition, carrying a weapon without permission and firing shots without a sound reason. He was being held in police custody at the Na Mom station.

Last year a Provincial Court handed down a 10-year jail term to an engineer who shot dead a teenage schoolboy in a high-profile road rage incident. The court,convicted the engineer on 2 charges on the grounds that he had apparently prepared to use his gun from the very beginning of the incident.

The engineer received a lesser sentence than it might have been on the grounds that his action arose out of a lack of self-restraint rather than from a cruel heart, that he did not flee the scene, and that he admitted to the fatal shooting.

His jail term was thus reduced from 15 years to 10 years and his fine from Bt4,000 to Bt2,000.


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