Mark Your Calendars - Here Are 5 Awesome Music Festivals You Can't Miss In 2022
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Mark Your Calendars – Here are 5 Awesome Music Festivals You Can’t Miss in 2022



Music Festivals

Concerts and Music Festivals are both back with a bang, and now is the time to book your tickets because, in the coming months, a diverse range of musicians will be touring the country, showcasing the most famous musicians in the world.

The pandemic changed the world in ways we would never have imagined. It stopped our plans dead in their tracks, and life just hasn’t been the same ever since. However, as things return to normal and restrictions are lifted, it’s your chance to make up for a lost time!

With millions of people dying to see their favourite artists again, it’s time to get your hands on tickets before they’re all sold out.

Since it’s time to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow, this article will serve as an update to some of the best concerts and festivals in the coming few months. Mark your calendars because the year is ending, and 2022 will be everything we hoped for and more!

Here are six fantastic Music Festivals you can’t miss in the coming year.

The Weeknd

One of the most famous artists of this generation is back with a bang and ready to rock arenas around North America.

From 2020 onwards, Blinding Lights has been one of the most played songs in the world for months. But, now you can catch The Weeknd live in concert in 2022. Not only is he a fantastic performer, but many people say he’s just as good live as he is in the studio.

Make sure you mark your calendars and free up your schedules in the next few months. The best part? You don’t have to worry about the dreaded summer heat this time, with winters bearing down on us—the general charm of outdoor concerts returns.

The Foo Fighters

Yes, one of our time’s greatest alternative rock bands is touring in 2022, but only just about. Their tour has already started and will spill over into a few months of the following year. So if you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the former Nirvana drummer and the gang.

Dave Grohl is one of Hollywood’s most incredible and fun guys and radiates positive energy throughout his shows, so try and grab some tickets before they sell out.

They are most certainly going to sell out fast because DG has become somewhat of a household name, and everyone wants to catch a glimpse of this fun frontman.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Again one of the loudest and most prominent names from the ’90s, RHCP made its place in history as one of the most famous rock bands of all time.

They are back again in 2022, touring the US. However, don’t expect to see them any time soon; keep July in mind because that’s when they will touch down in the States. They will start their tour in Colorado and work their way around the country after that.

Oh, and the best part of them touring again? John Frusciante is back and ready to lay down some of the classic riffs that made the band famous all those years again.

That’s enough for individual bands; let’s talk about the much-awaited festivals that are on their way in 2022. The biggest parties in the US are back, so book your tickets for these festivals.


This is one of the oldest and most sought-after festivals in all of music. Some of the greatest artists of the past few decades tore up the stage countless times and left a mark in history. Hence, Lollapalooza has such a name and remains one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

You can see some of your favourite artists next year once you book your tickets. However, the dates haven’t been announced yet, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

With the pandemic still looming, things seem a bit sketchy. However, we can only hope for the best and pray that it does take place. The official word, for now, is that it will happen.


If you are a fan of country music, consider buying tickets for Stagecoach in 2022. They have some of the biggest country acts lined up and ready to perform for fans around the country.

Country music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but those who enjoy it, have a special attachment to it. You can expect Stagecoach to start somewhere around the end of April and last a few days into May. \

It’s going to be in California as always, so make sure you book your air tickets and get your hands on festival tickets as well. Check the lineup to see if your favourite acts will be performing.

Then again, maybe this is your queue to give new talent a chance. It would be a pity to only go back after two years to find a lineup that you don’t care for.


One of the most significant music events globally is returning in 2022 for fans around the world. Yes, that’s right, people from around the world come to the US for Coachella. You can imagine the hype around the event judging by how popular Coachella has become around the world.

More than a music festival, Coachella has become somewhat of a cultural event every year. There is so much happening at this event that it’s hard to keep track.

If you are one of the millions of people eagerly awaiting Coachella’s return, keep mid-April in mind. The tickets should already be on sale or will be soon, so you may want to start saving up and plan your trip accordingly.

Airfare around that time is also likely to go up, so ensure that you have enough money and don’t fall short of your budget.


There we have it, some of the most significant Music Festivals of the following year. We started by talking about single bands set to perform in concerts and ended with music festivals that you can visit.

Make sure you catch some of these fantastic artists live in concert whenever you get the chance. It’s a privilege to see some of the greatest superstars of all time live and in person. The thrill of being there in person is otherworldly.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you and that you visited at least one of the concerts and festivals that we listed in this article. Just make sure to take preventive COVID-19 measures when you’re out and about and get vaccinated before you go. Other than that, good luck and have fun.




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