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How do I find items in Walmart online shopping?



How do I find items in Walmart online shopping?

CTN News –  In 2023, we made it even easier to find things in stores with our new Store Assistant feature in the Walmart online shopping app. Check it out the next time you’re in town, or read on for more information.

You’re in one of our more than 4,300 stores, you can’t find the cranberry juice you need for your holiday party, and you’re in a rush. There’s no need to summon a colleague.

Download Walmart online shopping mobile app

Simply open your Walmart online shopping mobile app, put in cranberry juice, and the app will tell you which products we carry, as well as their aisle locations and photographs. It’s that simple.

This new service, dubbed Search My Location, allows Walmart consumers to search a specific store for practically any item on their shopping lists, including electronics, toys, food, presents, and more.

Search My Store is a great example of how we are using core online capabilities, such as search, to address key pain points of our Walmart online shopping store customers.

For anyone who has ever wondered where in the store you might find (insert any product here), Search My Store may be the next best thing to sliced bread.

The app will tell you is located in Aisle D2 (at my local Walmart, anyway). Think of it as a personal shopping associate for your local Walmart, always with you whenever you need it.

Walmart online shopping mobile app

The goal of Search my Store is to help customers find the items they need more quickly and to make shopping at Walmart online shopping easier, faster, and more accessible.

We’re off to a great start as more than 99% of our stores have already been searched by Search My Store, and we plan to make additional improvements based on feedback from our customers.

Search my Store is live now in the Walmart Android app and will be launching in the Walmart iPhone app in early November.

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