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Play Destiny 2: Season Of The Seraph – Operation: Seraph’s Shield



Play Destiny 2: Season Of The Seraph - Operation: Seraph's Shield

(CTN News) – The Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2 has an exotic mission for players to clear and farm. The Operation: Seraph Shield mission follows last year’s Presage mission and the classic Whisper and Zero Hour missions. Exotic missions aren’t timed like previous years.

House Salvation needs Guardians to infiltrate a space station and upload a virus in order to access crucial intel. Several puzzles and platforming sections are featured in this mission, as well as some intense combat encounters.

This guide will show you how to complete this mission solo, including combat encounters and puzzles. Additionally, we will discuss the difficulty variants in Seraph Shield and how Revision Zero and its multiple exotic catalysts work.

Rewards And Difficulty Destiny 2 Variants

There are two difficulty variants in Seraph Shields: Normal and Legend. Similarly to the Legendary setting in the Witch Queen campaign, Legend difficulty increases enemy HP and limits your power level advantage.

In either difficulty mode, there are no differences in Champions or mechanics.

Normal does not have any gameplay modifiers. Legend difficulty Destiny 2 consists of four levels:

  • You are limited to 1,580 effective power.

  • It is legendary that combatants with heavy shields and high aggression appear in increasing numbers.

  • Radar has been disabled.

  • The chaff has more health and is less likely to stun.

Legend is roughly equal in difficulty to a Legendary Witch Queen campaign mission. Power level restrictions increase enemy aggression, HP, and damage.

Getting rewarded

Revision Zero’s Exotic Pulse Rifle is granted upon completion of Operation: Seraph Shield.

Revision Zero Destiny 2 offers multiple exotic catalysts and selectable perks. With multiple firing modes and origin traits, you can morph this weapon into an Aggressive Frame (four-round burst) or a unique two-round burst with much longer range.

You can morph the weapon into an Aggressive Frame Sniper Rifle by landing headshots with the Exotic perk.

The more headshots you land beforehand, the Destiny 2 greater your chances of receiving sniper rounds. In both firing modes, Anti-Barrier rounds are available.

Revision Zero’s catalysts are obtained by completing “Should You Choose To Accept” quests from the Exo Destiny 2 Frame at the H.E.L.M. These quests seem to be timed, unlocking as you progress through the seasonal storyline.

At the Enclave’s crafting table, the Exotic Catalysts and Revision Zero’s other perks can be altered, making it fully modular. By acquiring Catalysts, you can unlock the following perks:

  • The first catalyst is the feeding frenzy

  • The Second Catalyst: Under Pressure

  • Outlaw: Catalyst #3

  • The Fourth Time’s the Charm with Catalyst #4

Chests hidden in plain sight

There are multiple hidden chests to find in Operation: Seraph’s Shield, similar to dungeons and raids. This mission does not have a unique loot pool, so every hidden chest drops seasonal weapons.

Keep an eye out for Deepsight (red border) variants as you progress through Seraph Station.

This guide does not cover the locations of Resonate Stems, although they do spawn aboard the station. IKELOS gear is rewarded for opening stems as it is for any other destination.

Chest #2: Vertical shaft

Look around the vertical shaft for floating drones after completing the first scanner puzzle and depositing the buff. Scanner buffs should not be deposited.

A vibrant yellow glow will be visible on one of the four drones. Look for another highlighted drone and shoot it. Until all four drones are destroyed, repeat this process.

You’ll be able to access an additional reward chest at the end of your Seraph Shield run if you succeed.


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