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Vote On Hess-Chevron Merger Appears Ripe For Narrow Approval

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FILE PHOTO: Illustration shows Chevron and Hess logos

(CTN News) – The chief executive officer of Hess Chevron Corporation, John Hess, has until Tuesday to respond to objections raised by shareholders over his management of a possible sale of the energy producer to Chevron Corporation for $53 billion.

Over the course of the past month, Hess, who is seventy years old, has traveled to or made contact with a large number of investors to gain their support. According to interviews that were done by Reuters with important investors, the sale appeared imminent in the autumn of last year, and Hess continues to be the frontrunner between the two companies.

In spite of this, there has been a decrease in support over the past several weeks, as an increasing number of investment funds have voiced their concerns regarding the agreement.

As a result of a prolonged federal regulatory assessment in the United States and an unexpected arbitration challenge by Exxon Mobil, about forty percent of the outstanding shares are currently in a state of uncertainty, as indicated by interviews.

Hess Chevron can count on his family shares,

As well as those of other directors and management, to be around 10%, but this could make it harder for him to acquire permission by obtaining more than fifty percent of the thirty-eight million shares that are currently outstanding.

The market value of Hess has decreased by nearly $5 billion since the announcement of the arrangement, which has caused the company to struggle. In the event that the merger is delayed, the shareholders of Hess will be deprived of the ability to accumulate a dividend payment from Chevron for each quarter that the merger is delayed.

This is a significant incentive, considering that Chevron’s dividend is four times higher than Hess’s distribution.

An investor headquartered in London who did not wish to be recognized claimed that “this is the mother of all embarrassments.” A further statement made by the investor was that the possibility of a greater bid will decrease in the event that Hess shareholders give their approval to this transaction.


Three different companies-HBK Chevron Capital Management, D.E. Shaw & Co., and Pentwater Capital Management-have announced that they are not ready to give their approval at this time. They have a combined total of almost 6% of Hess securities.

In addition to the filing of lawsuits by an additional three investors in an effort to postpone or obstruct the vote, a torrent of letters was sent to the management of Hess, which complained that the company had omitted to disclose legal and regulatory difficulties that may delay the acquisition by as much as one year.

According to six significant investors who spoke with Reuters under the condition of anonymity, companies that own around forty percent of the company’s stock have either opted to abstain from voting or are seriously contemplating doing so. This level of abstention is tantamount to a “no vote.”

As a co-president of Westchester Chevron Capital Management,

Which holds $317 million in Hess shares and is considering abstaining from voting, Roy Behren stated, “I begin to question the value proposition of this merger the longer this process continues.”

Arbitrage funds that purchased Hess Chevron shares after the announcement of the acquisition and anticipated that it would be concluded in the first quarter have experienced a fall in projected profits as a result of the delays. This is because investors anticipated that the transaction would be completed in the first quarter.

It is believed that Fayez Sarofim & Co., Invesco, and Barrow Hanley, which collectively own around 3% of the outstanding shares and have a value of approximately $1.5 billion, will vote in support of the proposal, as stated by sources who are familiar with the issue. Every single one of the three organizations did not respond to requests for comments.


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