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Uber driver Urges Riders To Match License Plates

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Uber driver Urges Riders To Match License Plates

(CTN News) – In an Uber driver’s statement, she expressed concern about women’s safety if they don’t make sure that the license plate they are using matches what is shown on the Uber app.

According to FOX 2, Sara, the driver from our previous story, denied picking up a woman and dropping her off at a gas station instead of her intended destination, which was her home, as she was supposed to be dropped off at her home.

The woman sent FOX 2 an app called ‘Life 360’ that shows where she drove in Belleville, Illinois on Friday night as she was heading home from work.

Sara told me she went to pick up Uber Kristina Caruso at the airport but failed to find Caruso waiting for a ride when she arrived. She proceeded to say that she did not want to go on the ride, so she canceled it.

The Life 360 app revealed that Caruso never drove anywhere near Alorton, where she claimed she had been dropped off and informed that her payment had failed.

It is Sara’s understanding that Uber verifies payment before allowing a passenger into the vehicle.

Another thing that she explained was that if a driver cancels a ride, another driver can pick it up, so that’s why you might have seen a second driver showing up for the pickup if the first driver canceled the ride.

Among the mysteries surrounding the case is who was driving Caruso’s third car and why she was taken to the Alorton gas station in the first place.

There is a fear among Sara that Caruso got into a car that was not even an Uber. According to her, it’s very frightening, and any woman who uses an Uber should always make sure that the license plate sent to you when the driver shows up matches the license plate of the car that shows up, since she’s a woman.

Can I call Uber without the app?

Customers can dial 833-USE-UBER (873-8237) to speak with an Uber agent in English or Spanish to request or reserve a ride.


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