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This Summer, Planet Fitness Gives Free Gym Memberships To Teens

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Planet Fitness
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(CTN News) – For the duration of this summer, teenagers will be permitted to utilize Planet Fitness’ amenities without incurring any fees.

Any high school student between the ages of 14 and 19 will be eligible to receive a complimentary membership to the national chain from the commencement of the summer until its conclusion, commencing on June 1. The “High School Summer Pass” program is available to participants until the 31st and final day of August.

Participation in this campaign is open to all adolescents who satisfy the age prerequisites, regardless of their affiliation with Planet Fitness. A program is available that allows individuals who are presently paying to use the gym to sign up for it and freeze their accounts simultaneously.

Every child has the opportunity to enroll in a summer membership at any of the more than two thousand locations that Planet Fitness operates. After that, they will be permitted unrestricted access to the fitness center’s training programs, equipment, and amenities.

When enrolling in the event, individuals under the age of eighteen are required to have either their parents or legal guardians present.

Planet Fitness broadcast the advertisement in2019.

Which was the year in issue. The chain discontinued its provision of the product Planet Fitness during the outbreak; however, it has been reintroduced annually on an annual basis since following 2022. Jamie Medeiros, the company’s chief brand officer, characterized the decision to reinstate it for a fourth summer as “a no-brainer.” In an interview with CNBC Make It, he expressed this sentiment.

The individual asserts that “many choose to enlist [after their trial],” a point that Medeiros has underscored. Additionally, a substantial proportion of individuals do not. Despite their demonstrated interest in physical exercise, we still regard their interaction with the brand as a triumph.

Conversely, there is no risk of being charged inadvertently after the trial period has concluded, which is in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of free trials that are offered for premium services.

Medeiros clarifies, “This is provided without any conditions.” In the event that they elect to enroll in the service, they are not obligated to provide their credit card information, nor is any payment information collected from them. They would be unable to participate in the program after August 31, which was the intended deadline.

This program helped over 7 million teens in 2019, Planet Fitness says.

The company has provided high school pupils with services that are valued at over two hundred million dollars during its first three summers of operation, according to its estimates.

Furthermore, Medeiros maintains that the current members of the chain are not required to be concerned about the possibility of their gym experience being disrupted. This is so because a substantial number of adolescents will be visiting the facilities that are owned and operated by the network. He also mentions that the organization employs a “very forward approach” to educate its younger, new members.

She stated, “We ensure that they are aware of how to operate the equipment.” She was the one who made the statement. It is evident to them that they are cognizant of the expected behavior that is the norm at the institution. We strive to comply with all of these specifications from the program’s registration page’s initial page.

You have the opportunity to register for the High School Summer Pass program as early as feasible by visiting this link.


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