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Biden Skips Ukraine Peace Talks for Hollywood Red Carpet Fundraiser

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Biden Abandons Ukraine Peace Talks for Hollywood
US President Joe Biden will miss the Ukraine peace summit: Getty Images

According to Bloomberg, US President Joe Biden is likely to skip the Ukrainian Peace Summit in Switzerland in June since he has a presidential campaign fundraiser in California at the same time.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy appealed to US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping to attend his peace meeting on Sunday, as the country battles to fend off Russia’s relentless attacks in its 27-month invasion.

Ukraine intends to host as many countries as possible during Kyiv-led talks in Switzerland next month, which aim to unite world opinion on how to end the war and increase pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has not been invited.

Zelenskiy talked in an English-language video shot within the burned remnants of a printing building destroyed by a Russian missile strike on Thursday in Kharkiv, in northeastern Ukraine. He stated that more than 80 countries would attend.

A State Department official confirmed on Sunday that the United States will attend the summit, but declined to specify who or at what level.

Zelenskiy Appeals to Biden and XI

“I am appealing to the leaders of the world who are still aside from the global efforts of the Global Peace Summit – to President Biden, the leader of the United States, and to President Xi, the leader of China,” Zelenskiy added.

“Please, show your leadership in advancing the peace – the real peace and not just a pause between the strikes,” he added.

Zelenskiy further stated that the summit would “show who in the world really wants to end the war.”

Kyiv’s peace proposal calls for the complete evacuation of Russian forces and the restoration of its internationally recognized borders, which Moscow regards as a nonstarter.

Last week, Russian sources told Reuters that Putin was prepared to end the war in Ukraine with a negotiated ceasefire that recognized the current fighting lines.

The peace summit will take place in Switzerland on June 15-16, immediately following the G7 leaders’ meeting in Italy, some of whom will go there. According to people acquainted with the issue, President Biden and Vice President Harris will not be among them.

Biden set to skip Ukraine peace summit for Hollywood fundraiser

Biden set to skip Ukraine peace summit for Hollywood fundraiser: Getty Images

Biden Campaign Fundraiser

Following the G7, Biden intends to fly to Los Angeles to participate in a June 15 fundraising event sponsored by well-known TV personality Jimmy Kimmel, which will be attended by not just Hollywood stars but also former President Barack Obama. A similar gathering last year earned more than $15 million for Biden’s campaign fund.

“It also reflects a broader pessimism about the [peace] conference, which Switzerland agreed to organize when President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the country in January,” according to Bloomberg.

The conference is anticipated to bring together delegates from 70 countries, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

The Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited leaders from over 160 countries to attend the summit in May 2024, which aims to find a peaceful settlement to Ukraine’s conflict based on the principles of Kyiv’s Peace Formula.

The decision to leave Ukraine peace negotiations highlights Joe Biden’s struggle to overtake former US President Donald Trump’s polling lead in crucial swing states ahead of the November election.

According to polls, Trump outperformed Biden’s fundraising efforts for the first time in the current election cycle last month, raising $76 million to his $51 million.

It also underscores Biden’s overall cynicism about the meeting, which Switzerland agreed to host when President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in January.

Source: Reuters, Bloomberg


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