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The Top Trading Platforms for Investing in Stock Market

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Trading Platforms

We know that money transfer and investing in the stock market require all the concentration, attention, research, knowledge and ease as well. Trading platforms in this process play a vital role according to the IC Markets, as it is very essential for the investors to have a platform that is user-friendly, easily understandable, has a variety of educational materials and can provide you with a proper guide. You do not just jump into the stock market and start investing blindly so in this case trading platforms come in handy.

The question arises here is which trading platform are you actually supposed to choose because there are many various and diversified trading platforms available in the market that are providing different features. Let’s get to know through this article which trading platforms are beneficial for investors to start their investing with.

The profits gained from trading and investing in stock markets are heartwarming. However, the same markets are huge financial trimmers and can lead to losses. To land softly in the stock market, individuals need knowledgeable trading platforms or brokers like NASDAQ brokers. However, the market is flocked with promising brokers and platforms, making it a challenge to settle for genuine services.


If you want a user friendly and easy to use platform then this is the right place for you. E*Trade is a very user-friendly platform in terms of investing and stock. It is a good option for beginners as they will get different options for trading as well as active trading on this platform. It has a very aesthetic design with a various selections of trading tools that can be considered by investors. E*Trade was also named one of the five Best in Class for Investment Offerings, Active Trading, Futures Trading, Options Trading, and IRA Accounts.

Merrill Edge

All platforms have their speciality and Merrill Edge is its a speciality of offering the best client experience. The investors through this platform get the best trading tools and the best in-hand experience when it comes to investing in stocks and money transfers. It has the finest research tools that keep the best insight on the market. Because of the outstanding structure, quality, and in-house chosen information, learning about investing is a joyful process.


Webull is the best investor community that you could ever find in the trading platforms that are available in the market. Most young investors turn towards this platform for ease of use and to get the best investor community and investing tools as well. It is a community-driven, mobile available online broker and trading platform.

Webull provides stocks, ETFs, options, fractional shares, and the opportunity to sell shares short. Webull also provides traders with access to IPOs without requiring a minimum account balance. Mutual funds, futures contracts, foreign exchange, and bonds are not supported.

TD Ameritrade

When it comes to education and providing the knowledge TD Ameritrade tops the charts of all the trading platforms that are currently available. This platform has all of it that is required for beginners to learn about the stock market, investing, money transfers etc.

There is excellent market research was done which gives all the market trends and insights in the most detailed yet simplest way as well that is not at all confusing for beginners to grasp.

There is a separate mobile app designed exclusively for regular investorsTD Ameritrade provides excellence for all active traders, including day traders, options traders, and futures traders, through the top-ranked thinkorswim trading platform, which is available in desktop, browser, and mobile variants.TD Ameritrade, as a technology and artificial intelligence (AI) leader, allows consumers to access their accounts from anywhere, including Twitter, Alexa, Facebook, and Apple Messages.


The best is always saved for the last. Fidelity is a complete wholesome investing and trading platform experience for youngsters and beginners in the stock market. This platform covers all the features that a good trading platform should have like ease of use, educational department, market research, proper guidance, advanced trading tools and features etc.

Fidelity includes a learning centre that is stocked with videos for beginners to go over the process of investing easily. Fidelity also has a unique Youth Account, which is a first-of-its-kind brokerage account for teenagers aged 13 to 17. Fidelity provides value throughout the customer experience. The Fidelity website and mobile app both passed our rigorous usability tests with flying colours, achieving five-star ratings in both.

Furthermore, Fidelity is a winner for newbies due to its wealth of educational tools. Fidelity excels in research, whether you’re looking at the stock, ETF, and mutual fund quotations or running a screener to identify investment ideas. Investors with IRA accounts will be pleased as well.


Trading platforms are an integral part of investing and the stock markets. Money transfers are based on trading platforms. Beginners especially rely a lot on the trading platforms and what education they provide to make it an easy journey for the investor. IC Markets put a lot of emphasis on the trading platform in the stock market industry and when talking about finances, half of your process is eased out if you have a good trading platform in hand.


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