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Boeing Urges Inspections For Loose Bolts On 737 MAX Planes.



Boeing Urges Inspections For Loose Bolts On 737 MAX Planes.

(CTN News) – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that Boeing, the airplane manufacturer, is advising airlines to conduct inspections on newer 737 MAX aircraft due to a potential issue with a loose bolt in the rudder control system.

This announcement comes after an international operator discovered a bolt without a nut during routine maintenance on a component in the rudder-control linkage. Boeing has also identified another undelivered aircraft with a nut that was not properly tightened.

The loose bolt in the rudder control system poses a potential safety risk, as it could affect the aircraft’s ability to control rudder movement.

To address this issue, Boeing has issued a message to operators of newer single-aisle airplanes, urging them to inspect specific tie rods responsible for controlling rudder movement for any potential loose hardware.

The FAA is closely monitoring these targeted inspections and will take further action if any additional loose or missing hardware is discovered.

They have assured that they will maintain communication with Boeing and the airlines throughout the inspection process.

To address this issue promptly, the FAA has requested airlines to provide information on any previous instances of loose hardware and the estimated time required to complete these two-hour inspections.

This information will help the FAA and Boeing assess the scope of the problem and determine the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the aircraft.

This announcement serves as a reminder of the importance of regular maintenance and inspections in ensuring the safety of aircraft. The FAA and Boeing are working together to address this issue promptly and effectively, prioritizing the safety of passengers and crew.

By conducting these inspections and addressing any potential issues, they are taking proactive measures to prevent any safety incidents related to the loose bolt in the rudder control system.


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