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Solana NFT Sales Drop, NuggetRush Presales Top $2.3m

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Solana NFT Sales Drop, NuggetRush Presales Top $2.3m

(CTN News) – The Solana network recently experienced a shutdown in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, it is now operational again.

There is currently an investigation underway by the team behind Solana in order to determine the cause of the problem. As a result of this downtime, the value of own currency, SOL, as well as the trading volume of trending NFTs on Solana were adversely affected.

As a NFT competitor, Solana often competed with Bitcoin for the second spot on the charts prior to this incident. The daily NFT trading volume hovers around $7 million, overtaking Bitcoin several times.

The crypto world is a place where someone’s loss can be someone’s gain. The NuggetRush crypto coin has taken everyone by surprise. Currently, it is the most popular NFT platform and has raised over $2.3 million in its ongoing presale.

What is the status of NFT sales in Solana?

It has been noted that the trade volume, a blockchain platform that facilitates the creation of unique digital assets known as NFTs, has declined significantly. The volume of trades decreased by nearly 44% in just one day, reaching $712,096. In terms of NFT trade volume, Solana now ranks sixth.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has regained second place in the NFT trade volume, with close to $8 million in trades, just behind Ethereum. With $1.3 million, Polygon occupies the third position.

In spite of a 31% decline on the weekly leaderboard, Solana remains in third position with $34.9 million in NFT trades. In contrast, Bitcoin saw $64.3 million in trades. On a larger scale, NFT trade volume has decreased by 32.5% over the last month, trading at $212.3 million and currently ranked third.

A Solana NFT represents ownership over an item or piece of content. In contrast to traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, Solana’s NFTs are distinct and cannot be swapped equally. NFTs are therefore unique, making them desirable in a variety of fields, such as art, music, and gaming.

Due to its high-speed transaction capabilities, Solana is an ideal platform for NFT marketplaces, ensuring users are able to transact quickly and smoothly. Low transaction fees make it a popular choice among NFT creators seeking cost savings.

Pre-sale investors give NuggetRush favorable reviews

During the course of playing Nugget Rush, you will have the opportunity to earn real gold.

NuGX is currently available for $0.018 in the last presale round of the project.

There is an online gaming marketplace where you can purchase tools required for the game, as well as other unique items. Mined assets can be exchanged for rewards such as gold.


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