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Lobbyists For Amazon Move Closer To a Ban By The European Parliament

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Lobbyists For Amazon Move Closer To a Ban By The European Parliament

(CTN News) – The European Parliament is one step closer to banning Amazon lobbyists from entering the building after an internal political body supported lawmakers who requested their access badges be revoked last night (21 February).

It has been recommended to the quaestors, another internal body of lawmakers elected to oversee administrative matters affecting lawmakers, by the Conference of Presidents, which is made up of leaders of the political groups in parliament, that Amazon’s representatives be expelled from the city.

Next month’s meeting of the Questor is scheduled for 27 February in Strasbourg, and this is the date of the meeting.

A spokesman for the parliament told Euronews that the parliament is committed to promoting transparency and ethics in the lobbying activities it engages in and that it is committed to promoting these principles.

According to the internal rules, badge holders are required to obey “a formal summons to attend a hearing or committee meeting or to cooperate with a committee of inquiry” whenever such a summons has been issued.

In a letter written to parliament President Roberta Metsola, the Employment and Social Affairs Committee requested that Amazon representatives’ access to parliament be withdrawn after the company failed to attend a series of hearings and factory visits in 2021 and 2023.

As a result of the committee’s letter, Amazon representatives may be banned from attending.

In addition to refusing to appear in a parliamentary hearing scheduled for 23 January, the committee also sent a request to the US online marketplace earlier this month (6 February).

As the lawmakers pointed out in their letter, it would be unreasonable for members to be lobbied by Amazon while at the same time being denied the right to represent the interests of European citizens and inquire about claims of fundamental rights breaches outlined in EU Treaties or EU labour laws,” they said.

In addition to the discussions and visits, the politicians were trying to gain a better understanding of the media reports suggesting that Amazon may be monitoring its workers, as well as other business practices and workplace practices.

According to Amazon’s response to the letter, the company is willing to welcome EU lawmakers to its warehouses if they are interested in doing so.


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