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Lacoste Reclaims Scent License From Coty, Links With Interparfums

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Lacoste Reclaims Scent License From Coty, Links With Interparfums

(CTN News) – There is an ‘entry fee’ of 90 million euros included in the contract. This will see Lacoste Interparfums responsible for the creation, development, production and marketing of all perfume and cosmetic lines under the Lacoste brand.

This will be done in select distribution as well as through its boutique network around the world.

In 2024, the first brand-new perfume line is expected to be launched as part of the company’s expansion plans.

It is with much pleasure that Lacoste President Thierry Guibert has praised the new licensee for its “proven know-how and creativity [that will become key assets to continue developing our fragrance category, which plays a significant role in the brand’s reputation].

Through our common vision, we will be able to take an approach that is increasingly in keeping with the brand’s strong identity codes, whose fragrances still have a lot of potential for the future.”

Inter Parfums CEO Jean Madar emphasized the Lacoste management team’s vision of the brand’s great development potential, in addition to our ability to push their perfumes to new heights.

Taking this step represents an imperative next strategic step in the life of the Interparfums company.

The deal comes as Coty announced that it was selling its license for fragrance back to the firm “by mutual agreement” in the wake of the Lacoste deal.

Coty has managed Lacoste men’s fragrances for the last six years and stated that they have secured a premium positioning in the market with two award-winning pillars, L’ Homme and Match Point, as well as multiple innovations, as well as an improvement of 17 positions in the French market rankings.

It was also claimed by Guibert, president of Lacoste, that the partnership marked a significant step in the development of the label’s fragrance line in the future.

As the brand continues to grow, it is now time to look at a new strategy in order to maintain its position in a market in which still has a lot of potential ”.

Created primarily for sportswear, Lacoste is known for its quality and craftsmanship — part of the reason why it has become the brand it is today. Although arguably it’s still a sportswear brand at the core, Lacoste has shown at Paris Fashion Week and can be found inside luxury retailers such as Selfridges.


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