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Business Defeats Alibaba In An Antitrust Lawsuit, Winning $140 Million.


on Defeats Alibaba In An Antitrust Lawsuit, Winning $140 Million.

(CTN News) –, an Alibaba Chinese e-commerce company listed on NASDAQ, has emerged victorious in an anti-monopoly lawsuit against its rival Alibaba, resulting in a landmark ruling by the High People’s Court of Beijing.

The court has granted a staggering 1 billion yuan in damages, equivalent to approximately $140 million, as compensation for the monopolistic practices employed by Alibaba, Zhejiang Tmall Network Co, and Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co.

The court’s decision revolves around the controversial practice known as “choosing one from two,” where Alibaba and its affiliated companies forced brands and merchants to exclusively sell their products on their platform, thereby abusing their market dominance.

This ruling is being hailed as a significant milestone in upholding fair market competition and maintaining order through the rule of law, as stated by in their official statement on WeChat.

The legal battle between these two e-commerce giants, which has been closely watched by industry experts and investors, has now reached at least a temporary resolution with this court ruling.

Alibaba has acknowledged the decision and expressed its intention to respect it, signaling a willingness to comply with the court’s judgment.

This lawsuit is just one of several prominent cases that have accused Alibaba of engaging in monopolistic behavior. Earlier in 2021, the company was slapped with a hefty fine of $2.75 billion by Chinese authorities for abusing its dominant market position.

These legal challenges have put Alibaba under scrutiny and raised concerns about its business practices, prompting calls for stricter regulations and oversight in the Chinese e-commerce industry.

The outcome of this lawsuit not only serves as a financial victory for but also sends a strong message to other market players about the consequences of engaging in monopolistic practices.

It highlights the importance of fair competition and the need to protect smaller players in the market from being marginalized or excluded by dominant players.

As the Chinese government continues to crack down on monopolistic behavior and promote fair market competition, this ruling sets a precedent for future cases and reinforces the commitment to maintaining a level playing field for all participants in the e-commerce industry.

It also underscores the significance of the rule of law in ensuring a healthy and vibrant business environment in China.


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