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Restaurant Workers In SFO Go On Strike For One Week



Restaurant Workers In SFO Go On Strike For One Week

(CTN News) _ SFO International Airport restaurant workers declared a general strike early Monday morning after nine months of negotiations.

A press release from Unite Here Local 2 announced that 1,000 cashiers, cooks, baristas, bartenders, servers and dishwashers are on strike.

SFO Airport Restaurant Employer Council represents 84 airport restaurant outlets, which employ the workers.

According to Anand Singh, president of Unite Here Local 2, workers’ compensation is not enough.

Employers haven’t moved nearly enough to allow us to negotiate. We’re here for that.”

The average wage for food service workers at SFO is $17 an hour, so many of them work two or more jobs to get by.

A number of SFO food service workers told SFGATE they went on strike due to low wages and higher healthcare costs.

She works at both the United Club lounge and Cat Cora’s restaurant Kitchen at SFO, waking up at 3:30 a.m. and getting home at 11:00 p.m. Although she has worked at for 20 years, she has not been raised.

“Our wages are really low. I can’t support my family,” To said. Since she hasn’t enough time to commute, she often sleeps in her car or inside the airport between shifts.

She used to work two jobs at SFO, but quit one to spend more time with her two daughters.

Her husband passed away when Margaret Manalo started working for Delta Sky Club. According to him, the current rate isn’t adequate for what we do every day.

Currently, SFO service workers pay low co-pays and do not have premiums, but the proposed plan would increase out-of-pocket healthcare costs dramatically.

They’re still in school, so. It’s better for us if we have better health benefits.” Manalo said.

During a union demonstration outside the airport on Sept. 16, 41 workers and their supporters, including state and city officials, were arrested and cited for blocking traffic.

Local activist Honey Mahogany, who is running for Supervisor in District 6, was among the supporters.

One job is enough to survive, Mahogany said. As more people travel, airport staff shortages persist.

As a result, our workers have been forced into unfair conditions. Their wages are too low.”

A 99.7% majority of SFO food service workers voted to authorize a strike if an agreement couldn’t be reached.

They’re frustrated, angry, and organized,” Singh said.

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