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Three Reasons why you should consider an Electric Van



Electric Van

Not so long ago, anyone seriously considering an electric van would have been branded a crazy person. They take ages to charge, people would have cried – and you have to charge them all the time because their driving ranges are so short! What’s more, they’re expensive! But now, not only are we being increasingly encouraged to consider electric power for environmental reasons, there are such compelling reasons for choosing electric vans on their own merits that you’ll be screaming ‘how much is my car worth?!’ and trying to arrange a part-exchange before you’ve even got to the end of this article.

We jest – but only slightly. Here are just three reasons why you should genuinely be thinking about switching to an electric van.

1. Electric vans are convenient

The naysayers will go on and on about the short driving range and the amount of time recharging takes – and it’s true, it’s not as easy to travel a long distance in an electric van as it is in a diesel that can be refilled in moments at nearest forecourt.

However, if your daily driving distance is within the battery range of your chosen electric van and you’re able to easily recharge the thing at home or work, then you’ll find yourself entering a wonderful world where you never have to visit a petrol station ever again. As long as you remember to plug your van in when you get home at night you’ll never be out of juice. Live with an electric van for a short while and this becomes a revelation.

What’s more, almost every electric van has a pre-conditioning function. This allows you to set the temperature inside the cab before you disconnect it from the mains. Meaning you’ll never get into a van that’s too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter – and you’ll never have to defrost your van ever again, either.

2. Electric vans are better to drive

Electric motors don’t vibrate like diesel engines. They don’t make lots of noise. They don’t smell. Ask any van driver who been driving an electric model for a while and you’ll find they don’t want to go back to diesel – driving an electric van is just so much smoother, quieter and generally pleasant.

Electric vans use single-speed transmissions. This means no gears to change, no heavy clutch to manage – just select Drive and go. They’re much more relaxing in traffic as a result, not to mention impossible to stall.

Better yet, electric motors deliver all of their torque instantly. So although most electric vans are down on power compared with the most potent diesel equivalents, they rarely feel out-gunned at low speeds and are often very lively from standstill – making them ideal for zipping about in town traffic and easily able to get their full payloads rolling (although admittedly, that payload will often be lower than in a conventional model).

This ease and responsiveness makes the best electric vans brilliant companions on the road, wherever you’re driving.

3. Electric vans are cost effective

If you’ve been looking at list prices alone, you’ll probably think we’ve lost our minds here. But keep reading – for although electric vans are certainly more expensive outright than diesel and petrol models, they can be far cheaper to run. And because they hold their value well these days, they often have monthly finance prices that are highly competitive against ordinary vans.

Avoid the most expensive public chargers and you’ll find the cost per mile is much lower for electricity than diesel – and that’s even taking in to account rising energy prices.

On top of this, servicing and maintenance costs should be lower as well, as there are far fewer moving parts. Without oil to change, spark plugs to worry about and fewer filters to get clogged, some manufacturers quote the difference at over 50%. Over the lifetime of the van, you’ll find that adds up to a significant saving.

This extends further to wear items such as brake pads, which electric vans use up less quickly because the motor does a lot of the braking for them. And don’t forget, there’s no clutch to wear out, either.

Finally, not only do you get a discount via the UK government plug-in van grant [], electric vans offer savings when it comes to all kinds of tax as well – including VED road tax and benefit-in-kind.


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