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Global Construction News: Latest & Upcoming Construction Events & Shows

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Trade shows and events are critical towards the marketing initiatives of manufacturers of heavy machines as these events provide them with a platform to showcase their products to potential clients. Below is a briefing on some of the most prominent events that are to be held in the near future. These events are expected to attract major construction and development companies from around the world.

The Mining Show 2021 – Dubai

The mining show has been acknowledged to be the largest mining and quarrying event held within Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The event is expected to take place from the 16th of November and the 17th of November where construction and development companies will be allowed to walk about the related industries that are relevant. Manufacturers will be front lining hydraulic excavators ranging from mini excavators to large mining units weighing well over 50 tons at the Festival Arena Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This regional event will enable construction companies to capitalise on the progress and latest developments across the Middle East, Africa and as well as Central Asia related to the construction industry. From a year-on-year growth perspective, the event will bring together the decision-makers of leading key projects related to mineral exploration, construction and urban development across several countries seeking betterment and economic growth.


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Demolition Derby San Diego 

The Demolition San Diego event is an educational session that will present “Fast and Furious” presentations and provide industry players with numerous opportunities not just to network with other industry players, but also industry vendors. Demolition San Diego will open a knowledge base on the application of the latest technological developments that will enhance and strengthen business strategy. Ryan Leach the Sales Manager for the event quoted that “the event attracts about 1,000 demolition professionals (excavator operators) and as well as business owners” and this makes the event good for those who are eager to gain knowledge on valuable products and resources that are available for their projects. The event will feature the latest innovations in excavator technology and solutions from industry leaders.

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Caterpillar’s Showcase

Caterpillar proudly presents the Next Generation of Cat® Large Excavators Event which has been ongoing since its successful launch of the event in 2017 which showcased the 20 T size excavator category class models. This time around, for the 2022 event, Caterpillar will be showcasing their series of Next Generation Large Excavators that will further bring positive transformation to the Industry. The event will present itself as an opportunity for Cat’s marketing arm to present the latest features and technology enhancements of their Next-Gen models. According to the organiser, attendees will have an opportunity to engage industry experts, customers and as well as CAT professionals and gain a competitive advantage.

The event is popular with mining, construction and excavator hire companies and will be unique given the fact that it will be an exclusive virtual-only event that will be broadcasted in real-time from the Malaga Demonstration & Learning Centre on two sessions the first being on Thursday, January 21st in English with voice-overs in French, Arabic, Russian and Turkish.


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