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Employee Engagement And Communicator’s Role: A Complete Guide:

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Employee Engagement And Communicator’s Role: A Complete Guide:

Communication is a powerful tool that has a significant impact on the success of a career. However, this one thing substantially impacts employee engagement and boosts workplace productivity. So, effective communication is vital for employees, managers, peers, and senior leaders. An effective employee engagement strategy should be your priority if you want to multiply profitability. Thus, good communication plays a key role when discussing a good plan. So, let’s start discussing the importance:

What is employee engagement? A definition of the communicator’s role:

This aspect, coupled with cognitive and emotional components, which represent how people think and feel about their job roles, plays a crucial role in employee performance and profitability.

In addition to understanding these factors, acquiring key C-Suite info can provide critical insights into strategic planning and decision-making processes at the executive level, ultimately influencing organizational outcomes.

It’s a common opinion that good communication is the driving force that leads to success. We can say it’s an essential part of running a successful organization. Above all, according to the Kim Harrison:

“Good communication significantly lifts employee engagement.”

Employee engagement is a vital concept that is widely used in the workplace. There are many definitions of employee engagement that are circulating in the market. But more broadly, it’s about providing the right conditions to the workforce.

In this way, they can give 100% to the organization and stay committed to the goals and values. Apart from this, it’s vital to mention here that employee engagement has three components:

Physical engagement impacts how people do their job roles. Apart from this, cognitive and emotional components are how people think and feel about their job roles. These three factors are of utmost importance and impact employee performance and profitability.

The role of the communicator in EE:

First, we all need to understand that employee engagement is a two-way process. However, it’s crucial to put in the effort from both sides. Employee engagement is a gift employees give to the organization because it ultimately boosts profit.

But it’s an equal responsibility of leaders to accept responsibility. Apart from this, it’s vital to understand the importance of face-to-face communication and engaged employees. Here are the following people that are responsible for maintaining good communication and employee engagement:

Senior leaders HR department Managers
Employees Peers And top leadership

However, each role comes with its responsibilities. For instance, the leadership is responsible for creating long-term strategy and scaling up the organizational progress. In addition, HR is liable for implanting the plan and using software like check stub maker to make the employee’s life easy.

What are the top responsibilities of communicators for employee engagement?

Good communication comes at the top whenever we speak for a better business environment. If you are a professional, you have specific duties towards employees and the organization. According to the stats:

“Disengaged employees cost the USA around $450-$550 billion each year.”

However, employee engagement and good communication should be your priority if you want your company to move forward. If we look at the stats, then after the efforts, the employee engagement rate of the USA reached 34% in 2018. So, if you are a manager, you can improve your experience with good communication skills. Here are the following tips that you should follow:


It’s vital to remain prepared for all types of situations in the organization. In this way, you can select appropriate topics for the audience and employees. Apart from this, don’t forget to back up your communication with solid stats.

However, the main reason for the preparation is to put information in a logical sequence and consider the best way to present information.


It is another critical thing that leads your communication in the right direction. So, if you invest time searching for a topic and relevant information, employees will feel confident. Moreover, it’s great if you can link all points together and try to convey the message in a precise yet meaningful way.


Clarity is one of the primary things that a leader needs as it plays a significant role in making communication better. However, for this, you need to have a clear idea in your mind and think before saying it.

Besides, try to avoid jargon and slang during the conversation. We can say that clarity involves good presentation and appropriate use of software and technology.


If you want to take your communication to the next level, make punctuality your lifestyle. In most official communications, you should start points with clarity and back them with the correct supporting figures. In this way, you build trust, and the audience listens to the conversation with full attention. Moreover, if the leader is punctual, it impacts the employees and tries to do the same.

Note: Above all, don’t ignore the ethics in communication and try to be respectful and trustworthy.

Things that play a crucial role in boosting employee engagement:

The above conversation has proved that employee engagement and good communication skills play a central role in organizational success. If all factors are correctly applied, employee engagement is a great asset. Here are the following key components that play a crucial role in building employee engagement:


“According to the Gallup survey, managers have around 70% contribution in employee engagement across the whole business unit.”

So, it means leadership is the key to increasing employee satisfaction and corporate profit. As per the stats, only 23% of businesses believe they are promoting a healthy work-life balance.

But one wrong move could ruin the impact of all previous efforts. So, a skilled and a good leader builds a good and healthy relationship with the team. Moreover, good leaders support ideas, motivate the team, and create a culture of accountability.

Rewards & recognition:

“Rewards improve productivity by up to 25%, and employees feel connected.”

Rewards, bonuses, and recognition play a key role in boosting employee engagement. Moreover, as per stats, the award helps to increase employee productivity and engagement by up to 14%. If an organization recognizes and rewards employees, they feel motivated and work even more challenging.

Professional growth:

Professional growth is like an aircraft that needs proper guidance and maintenance. However, according to the LinkedIn survey, more than 94% of employees stay connected if they see growth in their professional lives. Besides, stats prove that companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% high-profit margins.

If you want more profit and a focused workforce, boost employee engagement. If the team is engaged, it increases satisfaction and productivity and enhances company culture. Engagement is a symptom of success, and it’s essential for the workplace.

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