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Trade Markets Review – Pros & Cons Uncovered 2022

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Trade Markets Review – Pros & Cons Uncovered 2022

Everyone has to start somewhere, and it helps to pick the best possible platform to launch a trading career. Read this review to find out if Trade Markets could be the answer.

In the world of digital trading and online investments, taking the first steps can feel daunting. As a beginner, choosing the right broker to help kick-start the journey is a pressured decision- one that is essential to get right!

Trade Markets is one of the many platforms out there claiming to be the best choice for newbies, and this review aims to find out just how true that is. It explores the features of this forward-thinking and flexible platform and answers the questions that most potential members are probably asking.

Is Trade Markets the right choice? Let’s find out!

Pros and Cons

Before going into details, here is a brief overview of the best bits and possible areas for improvement.


  • Excellent coaching features to support beginners
  • Fast and easy access to many cryptocurrencies
  • Flexible investment options
  • Personalized service and account settings
  • Mobile app available for trading on the go

H3 Cons

  • Limited reporting tools
  • Not available to US citizens

Feature Review

Here is a closer look at some of the standout features and other important things worth knowing.

Educational Support

Without a doubt, the learning support for beginners is the best thing about Trade Markets. Although experienced investors can also benefit from the broker, the system is very much geared towards the development of users with a little less confidence.

Some of the ways Trade Markets supports newbies include:

  • Demo accounts for practicing
  • Trading coaches who can work closely with user
  • Follow the leader style tutorials
  • Downloadable study materials

Anyone who is completely new and wants a broker that can help them understand and enjoy the industry should seriously consider Trade Markets.

 Crypto Trading

The prime focus of the platform in terms of trading activities is cryptocurrency. From the get-go, Trade Markets highlights the benefits of investing in crypto and encourages platform users to trade in this department. It is not mandatory, but users are likely to get a lot more out of the software if they are using crypto.

Trade Markets has direct access to live coin exchange with competitive rates and secure transactions, so convenience is no issue. E-wallets are easy to connect and cost nothing when moving funds from one side to the other.

 Flexible Investments

Crypto is not the only trading option available- far from it! Users can also access stock investment opportunities and dabble in commodities, indices, and CFDs. There is also the option to access the FOREX market.

Personalized Account Management

Because the focus is on supporting beginners, Trade Markets puts a lot of effort into personalization. Users can connect with a dedicated broker and account manager from the beginning to ensure all settings are perfectly tailored to them and their needs.

Strict Privacy and Security Protocols

The safety standards and privacy protocols seem to be up to scratch. Trade Markets advertises the fact that it uses industry-leading software and practices to protect user data and ensure compliance with all regulations.

 Mobile Access

There is a mobile version of Trade Markets, which works compatibly with most modern smartphones and tablets. Android users can find it in the PlayStore, and Apple fans should head to the App Store. Use the same credentials to access the software, but don’t try to log in on more than one device at a time.

The mobile trading app for Trade Markets is generally impressive, although a few of the features work better on the desktop platform. It is a great feature for people who like to stay active and on the move but need to stay connected.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Trade Markets lives up to its reputation as an excellent and beginner-friendly online broker. The focus on supportive learning and easy access make it manageable for newbies, but the trading features are still advanced enough to benefit someone with more experience.

Find out more on the official Trade Markets website and learn how to become a member today.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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