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Just How Big is iGaming in Asia?



Just How Big is iGaming in Asia?

How Big is iGaming in Asia? –  In the early 21st century, a new form of gambling arose, which many people did not believe would catch on. These people ended up being proven terribly wrong, as online gambling is hugely popular in 2022.

Commonly referred to as iGaming, online gambling refers to the phenomenon of playing all of the most popular casino games through websites or mobile apps. This includes games like slots, poker, blackjack, roulette and others.

Quite a lot of online gambling sites have also adopted and adapted games from the specific region where they are situated. For example, quite a lot websites based in Asia feature games like Mahjong,

Pai Gow, and other casino games popular in the region. However, it is important to note, that online gambling is not full accepted in every Asian country. So, let us take a look at the places where you can and can’t gamble online.

Is iGaming Legal in Asia?

Asia is a big continent. So this question does not have one, blanket answer. So, in what countries in Asia can prospective gamblers freely visit an online casino? Let’s take a look. An Asian country where online gambling is both legal and hugely popular is India. It is worth noting, that online gambling in India does have quite a few restrictions placed on it.

But, gamblers and bettors are free to play games and place bets online. The reason for this is because there is no specific law which prohibits online gambling.

Other countries where gamblers are freely allowed to bet and gamble online include South Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal and Bangladesh.

There are also quite a lot of countries where you can gamble online, but heavy restrictions are placed. For example, in Japan, gamblers can play games online for cash. However, there is a select few games that are allowed. In a similar position, we have countries like Thailand, the Philippines and most of Russia.

So the question then becomes, where in Asia are gamblers not allowed to play online? The answer to that question is coming up in the next section of this article.

Where is Gambling Illegal?

First thing is first, we start with China. The country completely restricts any and all forms of gambling online. This includes iGaming, sports betting, or any other form of gambling.

Reportedly, quite a few Chinese people overcome these restrictions using certain programs. However, legally-speaking residents of the country are not allowed to gamble online.

Hong Kong and Macau, two regions of China which allow land-based gambling, have also prohibited the practice, meaning nowhere in China can one go to be able to place bets online legally.

Much like China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, North Korea and Indonesia also place heavy restrictions on online gambling. Nowhere in these countries is online betting or iGaming legal, and in a few of them all forms of gambling are either restricted or outright illegal.


iGaming in Asia is quite popular. The practice is especially popular on the Indian subcontinent, where fans of sports and gambling are free to play online, as there are no laws prohibiting the practice. Other countries, however, have completely banned all forms of iGaming and even land-based gambling.

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