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Bitcoin Leads The NFT Market With a Slight Increase in Sales

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Bitcoin Leads The NFT Market With a Slight Increase in Sales

(CTN News) 0 The non-fungible token market (NFT) witnessed a 5.79% increase in sales for Bitcoin on Wednesday as sales reached US$19.08 million, making it the top-ranked blockchain in the market.

There was a US$2.15 million difference in Bitcoin collections between PUPS and the other companies. It is estimated that PUPS alone generated over US$5.3 million during this week’s sale.

As a result of the recent performance of Bitcoin, its all-time sales volume has slightly risen to US$3.15 billion, a slight increase from its previous level of US$3.2 billion.

As a result of the decline in the cryptocurrency market, this quarter’s sales of US$9.39 million were down 13.20% compared to the previous quarter.

With an all-time sales volume of US$43.52 billion, Ethereum maintains a significant lead over the other cryptocurrencies by far.

It has been reported that Solana’s daily Bitcoin sales decreased by 15.67% on the first day of the year to $8.16 million, bringing the total sales of the company to $5.36 billion for the first time in the company’s history.

It was observed that there was a 128.40% increase in the daily sales of Polygon at four, reaching US$2.02 million, and a 46.23% increase in the overall sales volume of the company at four.

The Mythos Chain network, which is best known for its NFTs and items that are used in popular online games like Counter-Strike, has been pushed out of the top five for a majority of this week by Avalanche.

With just under US$1 million in sales, Avalanche Bitcoin managed to hold onto the fifth position in the NFT rankings on Wednesday, thanks to collection Dokyo staying in the daily top 10 NFT rankings for a second day.


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