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E-Scooters in Europe the Lifeline to Transport Crisis



E-Scooter in Europe the Lifeline to Transport Crisis

E-scooters are lightweight, compact, and portable modes of transport that do not require gasoline or petrol. They are a lot of fun on two wheels. In very little time, the e-scooters have become a highlight of the public transport sector in search of more efficient means of transportation around Europe.

The e-scooters have the potential to significantly decrease traffic jams and pollution due to carbon emissions. They are electric and compact, therefore they save parking space too.

Since June 14, 2019, the use of e-scooters has been encouraged by legalizing them to be used on public highways and roads around most European areas. Bike lanes have been allowed to be used by the riders travelling on the e-scooters. However, a certain age limit has been proposed for the riders of the e-scooters, that is, starting from 12 years to older individuals.

The European countries have been facing a transport crisis for a long time now. Further in this article, let’s discuss the possible reasons behind the transport crisis in European countries as well as how to cope up with the downfall.


Transport crisis in Europe

Almost every other country in Europe has an elevated rate of vehicle ownership and usage. This has resulted in the rise in major socioeconomic, environmental, and sustainability issues.

The crisis in transportation in any country happens due to the following reasons:

  • When the locals do not rely on public transport.
  • Overcrowding and traffic jams.
  • Policies that are meant for traffic management are not efficient enough.

Despite being ahead in the race of advanced technology, the European countries face these types of transport crises. The ownership and use of personal cars have been increased rapidly in the past few years. This is the main reason behind the decrease in the use of public transport, as a result, the maintenance of public transports has been neglected.

No doubt, travelling around in a personal vehicle has provided great comfort and flexibility to the public, there are no time limits to follow, individuals drive around easily anywhere, anytime. However, this rise in car ownership and use has a direct relation to the rise in environmental pollution and overcrowding of vehicles around Europe.

Not only this, the transportation crisis in Europe is causing a crisis in the fuel supply as well. This is obvious that when the number of transportation means would increase at this high rate, the availability of fuel would also be affected.


More use of public transports like public buses and trains could avoid this crisis, as it would prevent traffic congestion. The number of vehicles on the streets would be less, thus lowering the percentage of pollution in the environment.

Under these circumstances, the E-scooters are lifesavers. And why not? They do save space as they are compact, they save time, plus since they are electric, they do save you from environmental pollution as well.


E-scooters-solution to transport crisis in Europe

The use of electric scooters across all European countries has been increased rapidly in the past couple of years. The e-scooters are even available for rent through a private website. Isn’t that great?

The e-scooters are very favourable to be used as a mode of transportation by the general public on the streets, as well as in terms of decreasing environmental pollution. However, nothing is perfect. Some people suggest that the use of e-scooters is quite risky for both, riders as well as pedestrians.

Well, with a little careful use, these E-scooters can be very beneficial to eliminate the transportation crisis around Europe. Moreover, many high-profile companies are making huge investments to support and increase the acceptance, demand, and admiration of E-scooters across Europe.

Let’s discuss some benefits of using E-scooters which can ultimately help in bidding farewell to the transportation crisis in Europe;

Benefits of E-scooter as a mode of transport


Like every other thing, E-scooters possess some benefits as well as a few disadvantages, first, let us discuss the pros and understand how these electric scooters are capable of preventing the transport crisis going on across the countries in Europe.

  • E-scooters are quite convenient and easy to use, you really don’t need to take driving classes for them.
  • E-scooter riders do not even require a driver’s licence.
  • Environmental friendliness is one of its greatest advantages, since they are electric, they don’t emit harmful gases in the environment.
  • An E-scooter helps you save time and energy. Since they are small, portable, and foldable, you don’t have to get stuck in traffic jams. Even parking them is not a problem at all.
  • They are quite affordable. You just have to charge them all night, and then you can ride around the next whole day.
  • Riding along short distances on E-scooters is not only easy, but it is also fun too. You can even share this little electric vehicle with others.

Electric Scooters Market Size, ShareTrends Analysis Report by Product (Retro, Standing/Self-Balancing, Folding), by Battery (Sealed Lead Acid, NiMH, Li-Ion), by Voltage, by Region, and Segment Forecasts, 2021-2028

The E-scooter market has been rapidly growing across all European countries. The issue of transport crisis across Europe can be solved if the public starts to rely on E-scooters rather than using their personal cars for travelling short distances. Moreover, such a practice has already been started across Europe and is being encouraged. Still, there are certain risk factors and disadvantages associated with riding e-scooters, which include the following:

Disadvantages of riding an E-scooter

  • First of all, E-scooters can only be used while travelling short distances. While travelling long distances, cars are an ideal choice.
  • The E-scooters cannot be insured. No such insurance policies have been made that claim security of E-scooters. Therefore, they may get stolen easily.
  • E-scooters can only carry an individual around, not his belongings. There is almost no storage space in these tiny, portable electric scooters.
  • They are slower as compared to cars and motorbikes.
  • If proper lanes for e-scooters are not provided, they may be dangerous for pedestrians.

So, these are a few factors that might sound ‘not so good! However, the pros seem to be greater and workable.

Conclusion on an E-Scooter

For a couple of years, the market and sales of E-scooter have been increasing significantly across European countries. This is resulting in the downfall of the transport crisis that Europe has been facing for a long time. Ownership and usage of personal cars had resulted in traffic congestion, unavailability of fuel, and a rise in environmental pollution, thus, leading to the transportation crisis in Europe. The increased use of Electric scooters serves as a lifeline during this time of transport crisis.

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