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Amazon Adds 250,000 Workers For The Holidays



Amazon Adds 250,000 Workers For The Holidays

(CTN News) – Earlier this week, Amazon announced it would be hiring 250,000 employees in the United States to help manage the holiday rush.

As a result, warehouse and delivery workers are also getting paid a bit more on average per hour.

During the peak holiday shopping season, Amazon typically increases its headcount by bringing on hordes of temporary workers, so that it can cope with the surge in demand experienced during this time.

It should be noted that the holiday hiring number is significantly higher than it has been in the past. It was announced last year that the company would hire 150,000 people to help staff up for the holiday season.

According to Amazon, the new hires will include full-time, part-time, and seasonal warehouse and delivery workers. It is expected that workers in these roles will earn between $17 and $28 per hour, and in some locations, a $1,000 to $3,000 sign-on bonus will be offered to new hires.

According to the company, warehouse and delivery employees will now earn on average $20.50 an hour, up from $19 an hour previously.

As part of Amazon’s contracted delivery partner program, the company announced last week that it would increase the wages of delivery drivers as part of its annual conference.

In recent years, Amazon has gradually increased the average starting wage for its frontline workforce as a result of rising labor tensions.

Workers at several warehouses and delivery centers have taken steps to organize, and lawmakers and advocacy groups have criticized the company’s record of warehouse injuries, as well as other aspects of its operations.

According to Amazon, some locations will offer employees up to $28 an hour with the latest pay hike, which was announced earlier this month.

Approximately 1.46 million employees were employed globally by Amazon, which is the second biggest employer in the U.S. after Walmart, at the end of the second quarter, making it the second largest employer in the country.


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