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Toyota Plant In Missouri Launches Union Drive As UAW Expands

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Toyota Plant In Missouri Launches Union Drive As UAW Expands

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Approximately 30 percent of autoworkers at a Toyota engine manufacturer in Missouri have signed union cards, United Auto Workers (UAW) announced Wednesday. This is the fourth new union drive initiated in the past four months.

It follows recent union drives at Volkswagen factories in Tennessee, Mercedes and Hyundai factories in Alabama, and the factory in Troy, Mo., just outside of St. Louis.

Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis struck for six weeks in October, resulting in significant gains for the union’s members. As the UAW expands beyond its Midwest base, it has committed to unionizing factories nationwide.

Several factors led to the employees signing the cards, including unsafe conditions, inadequate wages, and difficult layoffs, according to a Toyota press release.

Using the slogan One Toyota is popular among employees, according to Jarred Wehde. As in Kentucky and Indiana, there is a Toyota sign on the front lawn. Although we do not earn as much as they do, our pay is not comparable. Our company knows its revenue. We are able to be paid by the company. We will be able to achieve a fair share of the pie if we organize our union.”

To retain employees, Toyota and the UAW agreed to increase wages last year. “UAW bump,” as the union calls it, is the result of the move.

Lashley recognized that a union was necessary after reviewing the new contracts with the Big Three. Members of the UAW were able to bargain for such benefits and pay, which was incredible to me. “I don’t see why we should be paid differently.”

He says Toyota is the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer. “We shouldn’t be so far behind. The company cannot function without us. We should get paid accordingly. We must organize our union to achieve this.”

In addition to the four plants that have already launched union campaigns, the UAW reported more than 10,000 nonunion workers have signed cards in recent months across the country.

As a conservative approach, the union will not organize an election until 70 percent of employees sign union cards.

As a Toyota spokesperson told The Hill, involving a third party wouldn’t improve results, stability, or employee experience at Toyota’s manufacturing facilities. After reviewing all the facts, our team members will not join the union, our company says.”


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