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Tesla’s Last-Minute $16,000 Bakery Order Will Be Fulfilled By Elon Musk

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Tesla's Last-Minute $16,000 Bakery Order Will Be Fulfilled By Elon Musk

(CTN News) – Tesla abruptly cancelled a $16,000 pie order that it had placed with the San Jose bakery “The Giving Pies” on its Facebook page, leaving the bakery thousands of dollars short, as Musk had promised that he would make amends.

In an effort to take action on Friday afternoon, Musk responded via a tweet on his platform X by saying, “I just heard about this. Will make it right with the bakery.”

Tesla should always be able to rely on People to be able to rely on Tesla to do its best.

Earlier this month, Voahangy Rasetarinera, the owner of The Giving Pies, one of the most known bakeries in Silicon Valley, stated that Tesla had ordered 2,000 mini-pies for its Black History Month celebrations on Valentine’s Day.

There was a price she submitted to Tesla for the large order, which was approved by a representative from the company.

After this, she began to work on the order, disclosing to the client that, in order to complete the order, she had turned down at least three other catering jobs.

The following day, Rasetarinera texted Tesla’s vendor, City Flavour, inquiring about the situation after he had not received a payment from him.

Upon requesting payment, the vendor apologized and said that they were “kind of new” and that they wouldn’t accept any payment.

The baker then asked Rasetarinera if the bakery was able to “double to order” 4,000 mini-pies, and Rasetarinera agreed to do so.

It is however the company’s owner who told me that right before the pies were about to be dispatched, the company unexpectedly cancelled the order by sending a message just before the pies were about to be dispatched.

A few days later, she asked the upper management why the order had been cancelled, and she was told that was their decision.

Rasetarinera suffered a loss of around $16,000 due to the cancellation at the last minute that affected their business.

Rasetarinera stated on her bakery’s Facebook page that she realized the extent of the impact of these abrupt changes on her small business after realizing the abrupt reversal had left her reeling.


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