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Learn How a Colourful Whip Light Can Increase Your Car’s Visibility



Learn How a Colourful Whip Light Can Increase Your Car’s Visibility

Increased visibility is a must when you’re driving your vehicle out through the bush kicking up dust or trekking through the job site.

Attaching a whip light to your light vehicle or buggy will help others see you and keep you and your passengers safe.

A whip light is comprised of a long tube anchored to your vehicle often with a flag attached to the top.

The fibreglass housing of the tube provides provide flexibility for the whip light to move and bend as your vehicle accelerates and decelerates.

Just make sure to choose an appropriate length for your whip light as you don’t want it bending back and hitting your car around those turns.

Its sturdy, weather-proof construction also protects against severe weather conditions meaning you can be out in all types of weather and still be visible to those around you.

Whip lights not only increase your visibility to others but also help illuminate your car’s actions.

They can act as turn signals, reverse lights, and brake lights. This becomes especially useful if you’re in a convoy and visibility is limited by weather, daylight, or dust.

There are several different options when attaching a whip light to your vehicle – both permanent and semi-permanent.

The permanent options include fixed bolt-on and anti-rotational fold-down options. The fixed bolt-on option is best for vehicles that won’t be leaving the work site as whip lights are not allowed on the streets.

The anti-rotational fold-down option allows you to fold your whip light up and down as needed without having to remove it from your vehicle so you can drive it on the job site and at home.

The two semi-permanent options feature quick-release and magnetic bases. This allows the light to be easily attached to and detached from the vehicle with minimal time and effort.

These are both great options for when you’re taking your ute or buggy off-road only on the weekend.

But no matter when or where you’re taking your car out, a whip light will always be a great addition to your vehicle’s standard safety measures.

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