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Covid Cases Fall in Thailand: Elderly Who are Not Vaccinated are Hardest Affected

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Covid Cases Fall in Thailand: Elderly Who are Not Vaccinated are Hardest Affected

(CTN News) –  The Public Health Ministry of Thailand announced yesterday that there had been a significant decline in Covid-19 infections in the kingdom and that most of those who have died from the virus are unvaccinated and over 70.

The Public Health Secretary, Dr. Opas Karnka­winpong, disclosed yesterday that there had been a constant decline in Covid cases and deaths worldwide. In parallel with this trend, Thai reports were encouraging, indicating a decline in coronavirus inpatients and the dissipation of outbreak concentrations.

Dr. Opas disclosed that most Covid-related fatalities occur in the “608” risk category. This group comprises 60-year-old or elderly men and women, those with complex health conditions, and pregnant women. The preponderance of them were elderly and unvaccinated.

Given these findings, Dr. Opas emphasized the importance of Thai citizens taking precautions against Covid, such as avoiding large gatherings. He also emphasized the importance of donning masks, especially around the elderly, children, and those with chronic health conditions.

The Public Health Ministry encourages relatives of senior citizens or those in the “608” group to receive a Covid vaccine booster in addition to flu vaccination.

Dr. Opas advised parents of children aged six months to five years who have not been immunized to act immediately. He emphasized that by doing so, the risk of severe Covid symptoms or even death for these children would be drastically reduced, as reported by Bangkok Post.

Dr. Opas reassured the public that the prevalent subtype in Thailand is Omicron, which does not increase the likelihood of transmission. He confirmed that conventional antigen test kits and RT-PCR can still detect this virus.

Since the pandemic emerged in late 2019 and early 2020, the Worldometer platform revealed that there had been 4,751,563 coronavirus cases in Thailand. There have been 34,328 fatalities and 4,692,036 recoveries due to the virus.

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