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Hiring Level 2 Electricians: A Complete Guide



Level 2 Electrician

level 2 electrician: We can hardly imagine our lives without electricity, even though there are still some nations, like South Sudan, Liberia, Tanzania, etc., which are being deprived of this basic necessity. What’s more, human beings have survived ages without electricity until it was discovered in 1752 by Benjamin Franklin.

However, the nations that are lucky to have been using its facilities cannot imagine reversing it all of a sudden. And that’s why we need to rely on qualified technicians to handle any electrical issues safely and appropriately.

While we can take care of minor electrical faults like blown-out fuses or fixing a lightbulb, either ourselves or with the help of an ordinary electrician, major electrical breakdowns and power supply issues must be taken care of by a qualified and licensed level 2 electrician.

What is a Level 2 ASP?

A level 2 electrician, also known as a level 2 ASP, handles crucial electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, and upgradation work. All the overhead and underground wiring work that you see between your property and the power supply networks in the streets are done and managed by licensed Level 2 ASPs.

The services offered by a level 2 electrician in Sydney or elsewhere include –

  • Overhead electrical maintenance and repairs
  • Installing smart market metering and meter installations
  • Reconnecting and disconnecting power supplies and electrical networks
  • Managing underground service lines
  • Cable repairs
  • Power upgrades

How to Hire the Best Level 2 ASP?

Here are some practical tips to help you hire a level 2 electrician in Sydney.

Has Considerable Experience in the Service You Need

Before recruiting anyone, make sure the person has good experience and skill in fixing a particular issue. It’s good to hire an all-rounder as it saves money, but if it’s significant work, you should always look for specializations to ensure the highest safety.

Know More About the Technician

Before hiring, you should be aware of who will take up your work. You should know the person beforehand to feel more safe and comfortable. Also, check whether the contractors working on a significant project will be supervised by the higher authorities regularly. In that way, you can stay cautious about what’s going on and also get an idea of what to expect.

Has a Strong Online Presence

In this digital marketing era, very few businesses don’t have an excellent online presence. However, that doesn’t mean that technicians who are not online yet won’t offer good quality services.

But the ones who are active on various social media channels and, better still, have a professional website are easier to contact. Besides, you can learn about the kinds of services offered by the electrician, thus helping you in your decision-making process. And having a good online presence means all your queries and issues will be answered instantly, thus building strong relationships.

Has Proper Insurance and License

Although an ideal level 2 electrician in Sydney will have the required qualifications and license, you still need to check them before relying on anyone blindly. Because it’s a matter of safety wherein even the minor errors while working with live electricity may result in fire hazards. Furthermore, you also need to ensure that your level 2 ASP carries a valid insurance policy that includes both the homeowners and the liability coverages.

Ask for Warranty

Your electrician should be able to offer a specific warranty and make them write about the warranty period and coverages on paper. For example, if there’s an electrical short soon after your hired technician’s electrical wiring work, will he be able to recheck the problem and fix that without additional charges? Make these points clear while asking for quotes.

Final Words

Keeping the above considerations in mind will help you to choose the right technician without risking anybody’s lives or property damages. Spare some time in doing good research while looking for a qualified and licensed level 2 electrician in Sydney.


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